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Social Hack Weekend launches today

Pressmeddelande   •   Jun 28, 2013 07:19 CEST

What could be better than making money on a innovation that does social good?

Today we are gathering 30 people with different backgrounds. Some of them with knowledge from programming / design / UX  and others more interested in business development and innovation. All of them share the passion for social causes. Now they meet during a weekend to create something meaningful.

We have invited inspiring speakers in different areas in need of change. They will talk about the challenges they are dealing with and then it is up to the participants to brainstorm and come up with ideas that could solve the problems with smart digital solutions.

After the inspirations speaches the participants will be divided in small multidisciplinary teams that will take on one of the challenges. Throughout the event we will have IT professionals and entrepreneurs to back you up.

The goal with the weekend is not to stress code through the night, but to come up with a selling concept that could be the start of a new company.

The event finishes saturday evenening with the teams posting their idea on a crowdfunding site and presenting the results to eachother and potential investors invited to the event.

Date: June 28-29, from 10 am
Location: Regeringsgatan 109, Stockholm

More information: www.socalhackweekend.com

Come and listen to inspiration speaches today 10:00-12:00

Stockholm Resilience Center - Environmental challenges on a planet shaped by humans
Crossing Boarders
- Lack of gender equality in leisure activities
- How can schools be more democratic?
The municipality of Upplands Väsby
- Young people are having difficulties finding help for their psychological problems
- Challenges faced by migrants arriving to Sweden

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