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Solamagic – a new energy-efficient heating alternative

Pressmeddelande   •   Mar 26, 2012 11:24 CEST

Zeetec Technology will now focus on Solamagic heating solutions for outdoor spaces and hotel & restaurant areas. The technology is new and energy-efficient enough for the investment to pay off in a few weeks. 

Zeetec Technology will focus on a completely new heating technology, to be introduced in Denmark this month. 

IR technological heating solutions
Zeetec Technology will now focus on the new IR technology in the form of heating solutions for outdoor spaces and for hotel & restaurant areas. The company bought the rights to Solamagic´s products and entered simultaneously into a strategic alliance with Solamagic GmbH (Germany) in the summer of 2011.

New energy-efficient heating alternative
Solamagic´s products represent a highly effective and inexpensive alternative to traditional gas heaters, and they do not pollute. “Actually, several cities in Europe, e.g. Copenhagen, are trying to restrain the use of gas heaters in outdoor spaces due to environmental reasons”, says Managing Director of the Zeetec Group, Peter van A. Bjerke. Solamagic´s products can also be snapped together in countless variations, ensuring an amazing flexibility, and with smart-drive they can also be controlled with a smartphone.

Pays off in a few weeks

The acquisition cost is reasonable and will quickly pay off. An average restaurant with an outdoor space of 100-150 m2 would need about 6 Solamagic heating lamps, with an acquisition price of approximately DKK 10.000. Including installation etc., the investment will be DKK 12-13.000 plus VAT. ”Our experiences show that a restaurant owner has earned this investment in just one or two weeks”, says Peter van A. Bjerke.  

Solamagic was introduced into the market at Foodexpo in Herning (Denmark) on 18-20 March.
Read more at www.solamagic.dk or call +45 49 18 47 48.

Zeetec Technology köpte rättigheterna till Solamagics produkter och trädde samtidigt in i ett strategiskt samarbete med Solamagic GmbH (Tyskland) i sommaren 2011.

Zeetec Technology med huvudkontor i Hörsholm (Danmark), har med direktör Peter van A. Bjerke vid rodret haft en fantastisk utveckling sedan starten i 2001. Bolagsgruppen har vuxit från att vara et litet lokalt företag till ett mellanstort handels- och ingenjörsbolag med aktiviteter i 10 olika länder primärt i Europa.