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Somna AB launches Somna Comforter™ Active – a versatile knee blanket to help maintain calm and focus.

Pressmeddelande   •   Nov 14, 2016 08:00 CET

Somna AB, which develops and manufactures its products in Stenkullen on the outskirts of Gothenburg, is now launching its second new product of the year – Somna Comforter™ Active. The blanket complements Somna’s existing range of chain-weighted products for daytime use, which currently consists of blankets, vests and collars. Thanks to its design, which features a velcro fastening around the waist, Somna Comforter™ Active allows for a greater level of mobility making it suitable for both school and elderly-care environments.

“We’re noticing increased demand for a product that helps to calm while increasing focus, and which still allows a certain degree of activity during waking hours. This includes to maintain calm at the dining table, to increase concentration during lectures and meetings, and when switching from wheelchair to armchair – all situations where there is a need to be able to move more freely. It’s not a problem if a user gets up without remembering the blanket across their knees as it is held in place with a velcro strap around their waist. This minimises the risk of the blanket falling on the floor and the user then tripping on it.”

Fredrik Löfgren, CEO of Somna AB

Additionally, Somna Comforter™ Active has a front pocket that can be used for further tactile stimulation or handy storage. Just like Somna’s other products, the function of the comforter is based on scientific studies into the calming effects of weight and pressure. Somna’s comforters are prescribable cognitive aids in many parts of Sweden.

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