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SootTech keeps Swedish power industry at the front of energy and environmental technology

Pressmeddelande   •   Jun 10, 2013 10:00 CEST

The Swedish power industry is at the leading edge of technology, but is at the same time continuously searching for the latest technology in order to maximize the efficiency and function of their plants. SootTech introduced its technology to the market in 2012, and already
seven Swedish companies have carried out detailed studies of the possibility of using the technology in their plants.

“Swedish power industry really wants to be at the front when it comes to profitability and efficiency. In this heating season seven plants have ordered detailed studies of their operations to find out the potential for using our technology in their plants. It is twice as many as we had hoped for,” says Erik Dahlén, CEO of SootTech.

SootTech is a clean tech company, which since its start in 2007 has become a leading supplier of technology used to optimize boilers in both the paper and power industry. SootTech was started with the aim of developing and commercializing a new, innovative, HISS soot blowing technology that was meant for the regeneration boilers of the pulp industry. The company has its roots in the successful group of frontier technology companies in the area of environment and combustion that is located in Gothenburg. This group includes such companies as Metso Power, Götaverken Miljö, CapeeGroup, and Petrokraft.

Having successfully established SootTechs technology in the pulp industry, the company started getting inquiries about the possibility of adapting the innovation for the power industry. Supported by the Swedish Energy Agency, the company tested the technology through pilot installations at Eskiltuna Energi and Ena Energy. After presenting positive results from these tests in November 2012, SootTech is now rapidly establishing their technology in the power industry.

“It would be easy to assume that only old plants have the potential for improvement, but the majority of SootTech’s customers are operating plants that were built after 2000, and with the latest technology. This shows that strong innovations can create new values and relevant energy gains even in mature branches of industry,” comments Erik Hedar at the Swedish Energy Agency.

“This technology generates significant customer value, which has been confirmed through the number of operational studies that has been carried out. The company is now prepared for a strong expansion on the international market. We believe in expansion through cooperation with partners, most likely boiler suppliers that can improve customer value not only through reconstruction projects, but also through improved performance guarantees when building new or rebuilding old plants,” says Andrzej Brud, CEO of Chalmers Innovation.

Chalmers Innovation

Chalmers Innovation identifies, develops and finances technology-based growth companies. Established in 1999, Chalmers Innovation have been instrumental in starting of 104 businesses. The companies had in 2011 a total turnover of 558 million  SEK and 406 employees. These companies have received a total funding of 1.45 billion SEK. These results make Chalmers Innovation Sweden’s leading idea investor and business developer. Chalmers Innovation is selected to be included in regional and national investments from Innovationsbron and Västra Götaland. For more information about Chalmers Innovation visit

SootTech AB

SootTech develops and markets equipment for reconstruction and improvement of sootblowing systems used in the pulp and power industries. It’s an innovation-based company, with a patented technology, High Impact Soot System, HISS, which improves the efficiency of the sootblowing
systems in recovery boilers of pulp mills and in CHP-boilers.

The HISS-technology has a broad field of application and is used to improve the efficiency of the plant, to reduce fuel consumption, and to facilitate an efficient combustion of difficult fuels, such as bio and waste fuels

As the technology can be applied in existing power plants, it provides a simple way to achieve a more efficient power plant and a quicker transfer to alternative fuels, without any need for investments in new power plants and energy systems.

SootTech was founded in 2007 by Erik Dahlén and Chalmers Innovation. The company is today considered a leading company in the fields of industrial clean-tech and technology for more efficient power generation