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Spa season in the Czech Republic is just beginning. Enjoy pampering fit for a king!

Pressmeddelande   •   Maj 24, 2016 12:19 CEST

Right royal care tailored to meet the needs of managers seeking peace and quiet, as well as families with children or even lovebirds awaits you in Czech spas. You can look forward to varied medical wellness programs with massages, saunas and special baths in the centres of historical towns with a unique atmosphere. Why don’t you take some time for yourself and recharge your batteries in the Czech Republic!

In pursuit of new wellness treatments in Třeboň

Come to discover for yourself what beneficial effects Chlorella algae can have on your skin. For the third year running, Bertha’s Spa is offering special baths with Chlorella. This algae actually comes from Třeboň and has been grown here for 50 years. This season the range of offered treatments has been enlarged with a wrap, containing essential oils with Chlorella and paraffin, as well as a massage with Chlorella oil. Due to its hydrating and detoxifying qualities, the algae has positive effects particularly on skin.

Not wishing to lag behind, the second Třeboň spa facility, Lázně Aurora has also introduced two new wellness treatments. Both of them make use of the main natural healing powers of Třeboň spas, coming from peat, which thanks to its constant curative qualities and composition is ranked among Europe’s best. So, you can have a peat massage with peat wraps and let your skin and body enjoy its anti-inflammatory and beneficial effects.

Karlovy Vary presents the Spa Suites

Are you a lover of the most lavish spa care? Then you should definitely try the entirely new concept of the Carlsbad Plaza Hotel, represented by the "All-inclusive program in the SPA Suites". As the title suggests these new facilities offer clients the most luxurious care and relaxation in the utmost privacy. Containing a private bathroom, a room with a multifunctional tub for all types of baths, massaging and relaxation areas with deck chairs, a fireplace and a TV set, each of the newly built six suites has its own name and interior, but all remain true to the style of Provence. This new unique concept will save you lots of time which you can then devote to even more relaxation, or sightseeing around the charming Karlovy Vary and its interesting surroundings.

Day Spa in Hodonín

Specializing in the treatment of musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems along with neurological disorders, Hodonín Spa in South Moravia takes advantage of its source of healing properties, in the shape of iodo-bromine mineral water. Here too, visitors can look forward to something new in the form of a day spa. Just pay the admission fee and come inside to indulge in a plethora of curative and wellness treatments. The new spa facility consists of a physiotherapy pool, four saunas, rehabilitation fitness centre and a cryogenic chamber. In addition, you can take your pick from a wide choice of various massages and other physiotherapeutic activities.

Mariánské Lázně is launching its main season

How about visiting a Czech spa and at the same time getting a dollop of culture? If that takes your fancy, then you should definitely head for Mariánské Lázně in West Bohemia. The traditional launch of the main spa season takes place the second weekend in May, i.e. from Friday May 13, to Sunday 15. You will be able to witness the official blessing and opening of the mineral springs, accompanied by a parade in historical costumes as well as a craft fair, promenade and colonnade concerts of classical, folk and modern music, a cycle ride, charity golf and tennis tournaments, along with demonstrations of birds of prey. Each year the program also includes captivating pieces of the world’s best music played every odd hour by <1 the Singing Fountain 2> situated in front of the Mariánské Lázně Colonnade. In evening hours the whole experience is enhanced by light effects.

The start of the season in Teplice Spa means “in with the new”

On the weekend of May 28 and 29, Teplice v Čechách will launch its main season introducing various new treatments. All the splendour will begin with the thermal spring blessing ceremony, symbolically taking place at the fountain with pig-shaped waterspouts reflecting the legend about a pig that is said to have discovered the Teplice healing springs. Afterwards, it is time for the cultural programme with music, dancing and singing. Recalling the times of Ludwig von Beethoven, who was a great fan of the spa, original spa beer and top quality spa coffee will be served.

Focusing mainly on musculoskeletal system disorders, the Teplice spa has prepared several new procedures, particularly in the field of physiotherapy – involving new apparatuses suitable for treating both adults and children. The youngest patients with sensory processing disorders will be able to use the Snoeroom, which employs a multi-sensory stimulation method.

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