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Sponsoring & cooparation with Young Enterprise in Sweden

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 05, 2010 14:34 CET

We are a Young Enterprise company in Sweden that offers older people internet lessions. The point is to make a revolution for the internet using among older people. The 25th march takes the most important day in our Enterprising company place. We will build an display case and show it off for about  7000 people that enjoy the trade fair in a big exhibition hall in Växjö, Sweden. The point is that we need money to build the show case(2,5 mX2,5m). We would accept all kind of sponsoring and coopartion with some interest ideas. In return can we give the guarantee that we can show your logos and info on our stand.(monter)
All kind of propositions will be analyzed and hopefully accepted if they seems to be good. To make our stand come true, we need appoximately 2500-3000 kr. The theme of the stand would resemble a warm, cosy and homefeeling room.

Thanks for listening

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Our competitiveness is based on our very own reange of courses that none of our competitors offers. The special concentration into social communities and internet media makes us diffrent. Fresh thinking and a good qualitative service are two other concepts that permate our buisness. We will be alert and happy; our customers will leave every lesson with a big smile on their faces and the feeling of developing.