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Sprinkle AB announces it has signed a contract to purchase future Polish Real Estate projects

Pressmeddelande   •   Jun 07, 2019 17:49 CEST

Sprinkle AB announces it has signed a contract to purchase future Polish Real Estate projects
Sprinkle AB signs contract with Prime Assets Group of Warsaw, Poland to purchase seven future land
contracts at a discount.

In June 2019, a new Real Estate Investment Product will be listed on Sprinkle’s Raise ReachTM
crowdfunding platform. Sprinkle AB has negotiated a discounted price for the future land contracts and
is offering a rare investment opportunity to all Raise Reach members.
Because Poland has one of the strongest economies in throughout Europe, the market continues to see
an increase in commercial real estate investments from international investors. Sprinkle AB sees this
opportunity in Poland and is bringing this unique real estate product to our Raise Reach investors. More
details soon to come about the specifics of the investment product in a separate press release next

"Sprinkle AB has strong ties in the Polish market and sees great opportunity for investments. By
purchasing these future contracts at a discount, we will be able to offer an exceptional real estate
investment opportunity to our clients. Prime Assets Group has been a business associate of Sprinkle AB
for some years now, and we are delighted to finally conduct business together and look forward to
many successful projects with them”. - Ian Cassiman, CEO Sprinkle AB.

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