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​Sprinkle Announces the Launch of JessicaFolcker.com

Pressmeddelande   •   Jun 17, 2019 14:35 CEST

The Sprinkle Group has today announced the launch of Jessica Folcker’s new website, JessicaFolcker.com. This newly designed website offers a unique peek into the world of Ms.Folcker who is a superwoman of sorts: musician, mom of four, and entrepreneur.

As of early-2019, Jessica Folcker signed on as an influencer with The Sprinkle Group shortly after meeting with COO and Co-founder, Thony Norelli. Sprinkle’s main ambassador and longtime friend of Folcker, Denise Lopez, introduced Jessica to the team and she became contracted soon after. As an influencer, Folcker is responsible for creating press, attending events, forming investor relations, and writing for her website as well as contributing to Sprinkle Daily.

- Not only were we blown away by Jessica’s star power to begin with, but we fell in love with her natural confidence and social characteristics immediately. She walks into the room and has an amazing way of making everyone feel comfortable from the get-go. We see so much potential in Jessica as an entrepreneur and ambassador and can’t wait to see her blog take off!, states Ian Cassiman, Sprinkle’s CEO.

- The Sprinkle Group has given me a platform in which I can creatively express myself in the form of writing and video journaling. I've learned so much about finances, business development, and Fintech since starting here a few months ago. The only thing I can say is: buckle up! Great things are coming soon, says Jessica. 

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