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Sprinkle establishes Blockhomes Burundi for energy and knowledge development

Pressmeddelande   •   Apr 03, 2019 14:02 CEST

Today Sprinkle opened Blockhomes Burundi, a subsidiary company specializing in Renewable Energy and Affordable Living in Africa. Blockhomes Burundi will electrify and develop previously non-electrified areas, starting with Kabonga in southern Burundi.

Blockhomes Burundi combines several local sources of renewable energy with a smart grid. This enables the system to supply both reliable power and a healthy scalability. As Blockhomes Burundi is a subsidiary of Sprinkle, it will also introduce modern blockchain technology to its areas of operation as Sprinkle´s business idea is to #createcrossvalue.

The scalability of the system for electrification fits the decentralised blockchain technology well and has been well received in the area. The smart grid also includes high speed internet connection, which will give the electrified areas two of the most important factors of social development today.

In combination with an educational facility for modern financial technology, Sprinkle University, the company believes it can create a successful regional showcase of sustainable development, including the ecological, economic and social perspective summarized in #digitalnature.

- Time will tell, but when the synergy effects have been shown in Kabonga we even think the need of a modern blockchain "stock exchange" in the East African Community will be evident. In combination with practical examples and education we believe this will introduce blockchain economics to the region and make Burundi to an economic hub of sustainable economics in Africa, says Oliver Donovan, CEO Sprinkle.

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