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​Sprinkle integrates its new matrix - Sprinkle Networks ™

Pressmeddelande   •   Jun 14, 2019 17:14 CEST

As part of the development of recent weeks, Sprinkle feels that time is of the essence.

Sprinkle, who is in the process of developing the Sprinkle Fusion Model which, utilizing Artificial Intelligence, aligns the subsidiary platforms with Blockchain technology, is now ready to integrate another module -. Sprinkle Networks ™.

Sprinkle Networks ™ consists of 500,000 members in total. With the number as the basis, Sprinkle will now be able to take advantage of all the existing platforms.

Sprinkle Networks will be our ambassadors' primary responsibility, and through communication, offers and interaction, the company's digital profile will multiply.


- Communication with a large number of people in real time creates a dynamic that will benefit Sprinkle and its shareholders in a whole new way. Now, the construction of Sweden's next major export success is in motion, says Megan Kennedy, Sprinkle's Branding Strategist

About Sprinkle Media

Sprinkle Media works with media communication that is related to raising capital in the real estate and entrepreneurship markets. Through board representation, our deep industry knowledge, our network and our financial strength, we work to help companies become industry leaders. We use the RaiseReach investment platform to offer capital procurement services such as issues, real estate investments and crowd funding.