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Sprinkle launches 3rd generation website to support their integrated IT environment

Pressmeddelande   •   Apr 18, 2019 15:54 CEST

Sprinkle has been hard at work developing their integrated IT environment using the powerful Magento™ platform as a service to combine all of Sprinkle’s separately operating websites into one, integrated website environment. Today, Sprinkle launches their 3rd generation web platform to support their integrated IT environment, building upon the Sprinkle Fusion Power™ business model.

As a public company, Sprinkle understands, and takes seriously, that public communication is of the utmost importance to its customers and shareholders. Sprinkle’s new, 3rd generation web platform enables Sprinkle to communicate company news, promotions, products and services from one centralized website faster than ever. Previously, Sprinkle customers would need to visit nine or ten different websites to view information and products related to each business. Now, all individual business websites, information, news, products and services will be available on one centralized website platform.

Not only is the new web platform an incredible improvement to Sprinkle’s valuable customers, it also greatly enhances Sprinkle’s internal website and content management efficiencies, thus reducing complexities and costs internally, generating additional value to Sprinkle’s shareholders. In addition, this new website platform integrates with Sprinkle’s IT and marketing communication platforms, creating a seamless and consistent message to customers throughout Sprinkle’s websites, social media, and marketing activities.


*Note that during migration process the new website may take up to 24 hours to appear depending on your servers*

- Sprinkle’s 3rd generation website platform reinforces the company’s commitment to the Sprinkle Fusion Power™ business model by combining separately operated and managed websites into one centrally managed platform. As new content is updated on the websites, we can choose to promote the same content to our other media outlets, such as social media, emails, or on our own Sprinkle Media™ news page, says Ian Cassiman, CEO Sprinkle AB.

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