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Sprinkle stands out and signs world artist Jessica Folcker as Ambassador

Pressmeddelande   •   Apr 26, 2019 14:43 CEST

Sprinkle has singed the world-famous artist Jessica Folcker to be the Sprinkle Ambassador as Sprinkle continues to expand its network of Ambassadors. Just today, it was announced that Sprinkle has been acquired by Stockholm IT Ventures AB (listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange).

Sprinkle has created the Sprinkle Fusion Power business model, built on Artificial Intelligence, that aligns the subsidiaries' platforms and integrates their core competencies into to Sprinkle's Fintech ecosystem, allowing Sprinkle to reach the global investment market, digitize customers’ finances and take the next step into the future.

Working together with Sprinkle’s Main Ambassador, Denise Lopez, Jessica Folcker will apply her solid business experience, deep network and strong work ethic to globally promote Sprinkle Fusion Power in her roles as Sprinkle Ambassador.

Jessica became an international star overnight after she launched her debut album, "Jessica". Jessica is best known for her two international hits "Tell Me What You Like" and "How Do I Know (Who You Are)", both published in 1998, as well as "(Crack It) Something Going On" that featured Jessica, becoming a smash hit for Bomfunk MC's 2002.

- Sprinkle has created a powerful digital investment and distribution platform, and we are delighted to further strengthen our network of distinguished colleagues through the recruitment of Jessica Folcker, whom we warmly welcome, says Ian Cassiman, CEO of Sprinkle AB.

Sprinkle Media works with media communication that is related to raising capital in the real estate and entrepreneurship markets. Through board representation, our deep industry knowledge, our network and our financial strength, we work to help companies become industry leaders. We use the RaiseReach investment platform to offer capital procurement services such as issues, real estate investments and crowd funding.