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Stark Drive Electric Bike - The Most Affordable eBike Starting at $399, Ships Worldwide

Pressmeddelande   •   Nov 02, 2016 12:45 CET

Press release:


Stark Drive Electric Bike –

Bringing electric biking to the masses.

Introducing the release of Stark Drive, an affordable Electric Bike for everyone – Stark Drive are doing to eBikes what Ford and Volkswagen once did for the automotive industry, creating affordable, high-quality, transportation solutions.

Electric bicycles have experienced an exponential growth over the last decade. Millions of electric bikes have been sold to date all around the world. As battery technology gets better and more compact more and more people are switching to electric bikes. A trend that has seen many different cool, unique, solutions in order to incorporate the required components. But all in a price range that has exceeded what most people are willing to pay for a "bicycle with some pedal-assist". That is something that engineer and entrepreneur Oscar Stark is aiming to change. He aimed to create an electric bike that looked like a traditional bike with all electric components hidden within the frame.

- As an avid biker I was interested in an electric bike to get to my destination without having to break a sweat. Scouring the market all I found were very costly electric bike solutions that would take a dent out of my pocketbook. After investigating the cost breakdown of electric bikes my team sourced a manufacturer in Asia in order to cut out all the middlemen normally associated with the supply chain. We have worked to perfect an affordable, reliable, and durable electric bike without giving up quality, claims Oscar Stark.

How big is the market for electric bikes?

- Well, it is growing rapidly with a start in countries already used to commute with bicycles. But some countries like the USA might see users go direct from a car to electric bikes, and since Stark Drive will sell worldwide we hope to see sales all over the globe. Furthermore in Asian countries whom already use biking solutions, the transition to electric bikes has been exponential with the electrification of cities helping to save citizens money and improve air quality.

What are the features of your bike?

- Many electric bikes sold are just a skeleton with many expensive upgrades. We have tried to keep Stark Drive as well-equipped as possible. However we believe in ‘Safety-First’, and that is why our bikes have carbon disc brakes, horn and front headlight as standard features. It's a fully loaded electric bike that you can own for the same price as a conventional bicycle. It has also been designed to be foldable so that people whom work or commute in cities can bring it with them into their apartments further ensuring that they are secured with no risk of theft. We wanted to take it a step further and offer what top end electric bike manufacturers are including so we are offering several upgrades a-la-carte such as GPS Tracking.

Do you sell it with local dealers?

- No not yet. At this stage we will find supporters via Crowdfunding with a start at Kickstarter. Supporters there can get our electric bike for a significant discount so that we can meet our minimum production quantities with our manufacturers and from there we hope to launch the product through retailers. With our affordable bike I am confident that we will have retailer all over the world knocking at our door, finishes Oscar Stark


Oscar Stark