eMocial Gaming Ventures AB

eMocial Gaming growing the future Scandinavian gaming sensations

Pressmeddelande   •   Jul 23, 2013 13:43 CEST

The new Stockholm based seed investor eMocial Gaming Ventures AB is tailored to capitalize on the market opportunities within mobile gaming through investing and partnering with the most talented mobile gaming entrepreneurs in Scandinavia. eMocial Gaming is a growth partner that supports with both early stage seed funding but primarily by taking supportive operational business roles in the companies and injecting leading competence within strategy, marketing and Free-to-Play business expertise along with a global distribution network, all to secure the release of premium F2P games and maximize the global success probability.

eMocial Gaming already has three of Scandinavias most potent mobile game companies in the portfolio with over 5 million downloads and aims to be able to partner with half a dozen more during the coming years, with the clear ambition to actively support and build the future Scandinavian gaming sensations.

"There are plenty of small talented studios with games that has gotten millions of downloads but haven’t yet reach their full potential and earned the money they should of due to the lack of rightly implemented business models, or in the opposite case due to the lack of marketing.  The crowded App Store and Free-to-Play puts completely new demands on the developers, it now days requires two distinct areas of expertise to develop successful Free-to-play games with global potential

Says Alex Aguilera founder of eMocial Gaming and former Global Performance Marketing Director for Electronic Arts (EA)' Free-to-Play games division.

"That's where eMocial Gaming comes into the picture, as a business partner with the needed expertise that provides our gaming entrepreneurs with all the support they need to make good F2P games into great businesses and challenge for top placements on the app stores rankings around the world. Global gaming successes from Scandinavia are plentiful today, and there's certain more to come"

eMocial Gaming Ventures AB. The premier business and growth partner for aspiring mobile game studios in Scandinavia, founded in Mars 2013 in Stockholm and specializes in early stage mobile game investments with the mission of scouting, partnering and proactively growing the future Scandinavian mobile gaming sensations as well as one of the world’s strongest mobile gaming portfolios.