Steam Wars is a steam punk styled tower defense game for REAL gamers

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 04, 2013 19:00 CET

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN  – Arcadelia AB, an indie developer unbeknownst to many, is pleased to announce the launch of Steam Wars public beta for Facebook. Now available, Steam Wars marks a point in time where indie developers have had enough of seeing yet another farming game clone hit the market and decided to take action.

Steam Wars: Apoteos is a Steam Punk style Tower Defense game aimed at a hardcore gaming audience. With AAA level graphics, real life opponents and a plethora of honorable heroes Steam Wars is probably the most ambitious Tower Defense game ever produced for web platforms.

“Facebook is a great gaming platform with enormous potential. We aim to show hard core gamers that Facebook can be a gaming platform even for their kind of games.” said Gustav Eklånge, CEO of Arcadelia “As indie developers it is our duty to focus on true innovation and compelling gaming experiences rather than finding the perfect monetization scheme for some big already existing IP.”

“Gone is the time when I could spend countless hours playing World of Warcraft. Steam Wars allows me to play a proper game with my friends even if we are not online at the same time, it makes a world of difference to a father of two like myself.” said Gustav Linde, game designer.

To play the Steam Wars public beta visit: Be advised that this is a proper beta and still being worked on, not some marketing beta labeling gimmick. Steam Wars is scheduled to launch in less than a month; more information on this will follow.

Journalists, Bloggers, Tweeters or anyone else interesting in publishing something about Steam Wars are encouraged to contact for a press-kit. You will also be rewarded with some exclusive content and in game bonus funds.

(pssst: Facebook gaming team representatives found the game to be “…a lot of fun…” and that it was “…great seeing an original concept on Facebook!”. What is your opinion…?)

Key Gameplay Features

-  Steam Punk art style with AAA quality

-  Tower defense game including attack mode

-  Asynchronous multiplayer, play with your friends and face human opponents

-  One central hero and other classical RPG elements

-  Free to play

Arcadelia AB

Founded in 2010, Arcadelia is an independent game developer with a passion for making games, for real gamers. Arcadelia has been a sub-contractor for other game developers since day one, Steam Wars: Apoteos is however the first title to be released under the name of Arcadelia.

To learn more about Arcadelia, please visit: