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​Stevia leaves finally approved in the EU

Press Release   •   Aug 30, 2017 15:49 CEST

EU member states recently agreed that infusions made from stevia leaves now can be sold in European countries with general food safety rules applying.

It’s now established that stevia leaves have been sold and consumed to a significant degree within the EU before 1997, which means it’s not longer seen as a Novel Food. The new legislation applies for tea, herbal and fruit infusions prepared with leaves from stevia leaves.

- This is really good news for everyone who works with providing consumers with healthy and natural alternatives to sugar and artificial sweeteners. We are delighted to strengthen our range of stevia extracts with our own Paraguayan stevia leaves, as it opens for many new exciting products and markets, says Thomas Backelin, Deputy Managing Director, The Real Stevia Company.

Stevia extract (steviol glycosides) is approved in the majority of the food categories in the EU. The new regulation regarding stevia leaves does not affect the prior approval of the stevia extract.

- The approval of leaves is very significant as stevia extract is currently not allowed for use in organic products. Our vision is to produce all our stevia plants organically and this is therefore very important for us, says Thomas Backelin.

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The Real Stevia Company provides sustainable stevia leaves and extracts to global food producers. We believe in a world where people can choose sustainably sweetened products without health implications. We deliver a socially and environmentally sustainable product, helping to raise Paraguayan farmers’ living standards, while meeting the quality and safety requirements of the food industry.