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Stockholm IT Ventures AB gains Government-certified Publication approval through Sprinkles AB's Aktiebladet.se

Pressmeddelande   •   Maj 16, 2019 17:43 CEST

Stockholm IT Ventures AB (Frankfurt Stock Exchange: SVAB - ISIN SE 0006027546) announces that as of April 24th, 2019, the swedish press and broadcasting authority has issued a Certificate of Publication for the rapidly growing Sprinkle-AB website www.aktiebladet.se, showing great trust in the activities of this subsidiary of Sprinkle AB.

www.aktiebladet.se publishes financial and stock market news as well as industry-specific article series in different areas covering investment trends and booming companies. The editorial department is run by a diverse team of journalists with substantial experience in top publishing houses around the world. One of the most popular publication parts of Aktiebladet.se is the "Veckans Aktie" where interesting and growing companies are being analysed weekly. This in-depth analysis includes a dive into the business model of the respective companies as well as current prospects and future growth strategies.

www.aktiebladet.se is part of the Swedish, globally expanding company Sprinkle AB which is focusing on Fintech 2.0 and recently has been acquired by the Frankfurt Stock Exchange-listed corporation Stockholm IT Ventures AB. It was founded in early 2000, acquired by Sprinkle AB in 2017 and since then has undergone a complete rebranding together with upgrading the website functionality and improving the UX-friendly design and content management. www.aktiebladet.se generates revenue through advertisement sales as well as by curated editorial content and banners to various business and investor networks. The company described it as a goal to offer services in English language in the future as well.

Today, Sprinkle AB continues to work intensively to develop its business model Sprinkle Fusion Power (TM) to create cross-border, exponential value for customers and shareholders in an entirely new way. www.Aktiebladet.se communication and member base are a crucial component of Sprinkle AB's Fintech.

- We have continued to see a strong trend of visitors to www.aktiebladet.se and can proudly announce that it now already has more than 30,000 subscribers and this number is increasing. In recent studies we have seen the finance industry becoming more accessible and offering more investment opportunities for people from all walks of life. It's exciting to see a growing interest to learn more about innovative companies and to be able to take part in reporting on what's happening on the world markets, without having to read full-page financial reports. It is exhilarating to develop Journalism 2.0 together with industry-leading journalists and experts on blockchain technology to complement our Fintech eco-system, says Ian Cassiman, CEO Sprinkle AB.

About Stockholm IT Ventures AB

Stockholm IT Ventures AB is a Swedish public company listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since 2014 under the ticker symbol SVAB. The company specialises in clean and efficient low-cost energy cryptocurrency mining, production and related FinTech and Blockchain technologies. Stockholm IT Ventures AB acquired Sprinkle AB in early 2019. For more information visit www.stockholmit.co. You can also find the Company on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Sprinkle Media

Sprinkle Media works with media communication that is related to raising capital in the real estate and entrepreneurship markets. Through board representation, our deep industry knowledge, our network and our financial strength, we work to help companies become industry leaders. We use the RaiseReach investment platform to offer capital procurement services such as issues, real estate investments and crowd funding.