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Stop the expulsion and rethink Sweden's Afghanistan policy!

Pressmeddelande   •   Apr 08, 2018 15:48 CEST

A new forced expulsion of 25 people from Sweden to Afghanistan is scheduled for the evening of April 9, with a chartered FRONTEX plane and police escort. Most of those facing expulsion are young people who came to Sweden as unaccompanied children.

It becomes increasingly difficult to understand why these expulsions continue. Amnesty International has requested that all returns be stopped. NGOs have withdrawn personnel from bombed areas in Kabul. The Afghan refugee minister has appealed for cessation of forced expulsions from the West. Young people who have been expelled have been ill-treated. Deaths have occurred and most of those deported are trying to leave Afghanistan again.

The United Nations has in several cases requested Sweden to cancel expulsions at the last moment, including converts to Christianity. Even Afghan representatives have prevented expulsions. In addition, asylum seekers, custodians and organizations have exposed abuses, arbitrariness and mismanagement of both age assessments and case decisions. We see decisions that seem to assumed that young Afghans must be expelled, despite the fact that many of them have begun studying or working in Sweden and have no family connections with Afghanistan, where they risk being targeted or recruited to terrorist groups.

This time, young people who have been placed in detention have been informed that some of them are on the boarding list "as reserves" in the event that expulsion decisions are suspended for some of their peers. At the same time, the government has proposed a reform that will allow most of them to stay - if they remain in Sweden this summer.

  • It is totally unreasonable that the government on the one hand proposes new legislation recognizing that this group has been treated badly and should have a new chance - and on the other hand speeds up the expulsions of the same group.
  • It is offensive that there is so much uncertainty in expulsion decisions that the police expect that several will have their expulsions stopped but respond to it by attempting to expel more youths before any errors are discovered.
  • Stop this expulsion immediately and rethink our Afghanistan policy!

Demonstrations are being planned at the detention centre in Kållered, Gothenburg (vid förvaret i Kållered) and at railway stations around the country. See alerts on the web from local asylum groups and youth groups.

Funding in support of those who are deported is being organised by the group "Hopp till Kabul”