Story Hotel

Story Hotel Stockholm Art Exhibition ft. Peter Eugén Nilsson

Pressmeddelande   •   Maj 19, 2014 13:22 CEST

Peter Eugén Nilsson is a Northerner, raised in Sundsvall. He's been an active artist since about 14 years, and runs the company: Creative Arts Af Peter Eugén Nilsson. As well as the furniture design firm:

Peter is a nature painter fundamentally, and converted into the so-called "Pop Art" about 7 years ago. Peter's art is primarily about two important points when it comes to inspiration, who continually diverge, yet complementary between town and the countryside. Two sides that still creates wonder and inspiration in his artistic world . But that does not reflect itself in his works, but it is more like a harmony and energy for the soul. With the balance of, these conditions he creates designs that are markedly different from recently said.

Peter exhibits on to the Story walls starting May 20th to June 30th. His displayed art can also be found on Story's e-gallery @