Matilda Ringnér

Strong concepts and material recycling - Matilda Ringnér introduces her new collection at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2010

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 01, 2010 13:36 CET

Matilda Ringnér´s Rainman, a decanter which plays with the traditional way of pouring wine, received much attention both in Sweden and internationally in 2008. This February, Matilda participates for the first time as an individual exhibitor at the Stockholm Furniture Fair.

At the Stockholm Furniture Fair Matilda Ringnér will introduce a new collection of home accessories, containing everyday products with functional as well as unexpected and aesthetical details.

“I believe my work is about creating products with a clear identity and expression, products that have stories to tell. In that way things surrounding us can be something valuable, something we care about and want to keep.”

Nomad Table is a clear expression of that ambition. Its simple construction, where the leaf is integrated in the table legs, creates a flexible table which is easy to move and stow, but it also readily changes its appearance. The table leaf is divided into several pieces, with different colours on each side, which can be combined by the user in a variety of ways – depending on mood and setting. Nomad Table can therefore act as both a discrete furniture as well as a conspicuous display of colours.

A common thread connecting many of the products in Matilda´s collection is that she has worked with recycled materials. Sex Bombs, containers of hand blown glass, have clearly oversized plugs which are made out of waste from the wood industry. Another example is Shake It!, a mat concept made out of rubber waste. Inspired by user studies, Shake It! has an integrated handle which facilitates shaking the mat and also gives it a simple but original shape.

“By combining strong concepts with distinct shapes my ambition is to create products that question common ideas, but appear natural at the same time.”

The result of Matilda’s work can be seen at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in exhibition stand V05:10 on February 9-13 2010.

Matilda Ringnér is a product designer based in Malmö, Sweden. In 2008 she graduated from the Design University of Kalmar and she founded her company “Matilda Ringnér” the year after.

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