​Studio JAG bakom Apple's bästa nya App

Pressmeddelande   •   Aug 03, 2015 11:32 CEST

Göteborgsbaserade byrån Studio JAG har designat finansappen Veckopengen som har klättrat och varit “Editors Choice” och den “Bästa Nya Appen” på Apple iTunes Store under vecka 30 och 31. 

Veckopengen är ett verktyg som hjälper barn att hantera sina pengar i mobilen. Studio JAG har tillsammans med Veckopengens grundare Philip Haglund gjort en resa från koncept till färdig produkt. Tillsammans har vi designat appen och utvecklat affärskonceptet. 

“Appen är en bro för att koppla ihop pengar, barn, och vuxna. Vår designfokus var att både nå ut till både barn och vuxna. Resultatet är lekfullt men också informativt, det är ett bra sätt att kunna engagera båda grupper.” Säger Gustaf Gunér Creative Director på Studio JAG.

Läs mer om Studio JAG's arbete för Veckopengen på och om Veckopengen på deras

A digital agency with passion for design

We breathe digital, love design and strategy is in our blood. Or simply put, we aim to never stop evolving. We specialize in delivering outstanding digital-, design- and branding-experiences. By pushing our creativity, as early in the process as possible, we open up different perspectives and the results are versatile solutions that we are delivering to our clients. But we don’t stop there and we want do more. If socall Victor, who specializes in “beer o’clock”, who can tell you more about us, the way we work as well as sharing bowling techniques.

Fuelled by engagement

Our agency was founded in a sauna in early 2013. Our vision was formed around one word, engagement. For us, engagement is when people will go over and beyond in order to succeed and reach success, even if it means becoming a bastard and question both thoughts and ideas. Today, a couple of years later, we are proud in having developed an agency that challenges the large traditional advertising agencies following one simple rule and work with one thing in mind; We Simply Create.

Work hard, think big and have fun

We are blessed and privileged of working with many great talents. As a part of Studio JAG you are vital for the team. Together we love a challenge and see it as an opportunity where we can discover something new, push ourselves even further while having that dazzling feeling. For us, that’s the beauty of working as a team. If you have an idea, want to hear more about who we are or just want to talk, contact us. We would love to hear your thoughts, preferably over a cup of coffee (don’t need to bring milk as we have plenty, however if you need sugar you might want to bring some.)