Johanna Stjärnborg

Sustainable fashion brand launch

Pressmeddelande   •   Aug 05, 2019 10:20 CEST

After years of hard work designer and founder Johanna Edström is presenting her sustainable fashion label during Copenhagen fashion week with a colourful collection inspired by 1950s fashion. "I also looked at mens fashion when I drew this collection, I believe the element of masculinity balances the ultra feminine vibe of that era. I wanted to brighten up the collection with colour. Sustainability does not have to equal earthy colours and plain design". 

Sustainability is extremely important to Johanna. Since a young age she has actively tried to do her part to help stop global warming. "It would not make any sense to me to launch any kind of business that did not stand for sustainability both environmentally and socially". The current collection is made entirely of certified organic cotton, and her goal is to constantly grow and better herself, and to incorporate sustainable cutting-edge materials in order to ensure fresh designs in each collection.

In time she plans to expand her business by adding accessories to the label. "Its really hard to find cool and modern sustainable accessories today, I strongly feel there is a gap to be filled. I cant wait to get started now that there are so many new exciting sustainable materials being developed". For the last two years she has visited the most important European sustainable trade show ("neonyt" in Berlin) and fabric showcase ("future fabric expo" in London) where she has learned loads about sustainable practices, materials and discovered the sustainable community. "It is beautiful because people who truly care about our planet and those who inhabit it tend to be great people". 

Despite finding out breast cancer had come back in May this year, Johanna was decided to stay on track and launch her brand according to the plan. "It has been a positive and uplifting experience in contrast to all the trips to hospitals" After two surgeries since she got the news, she is fortunate to be able to say that cancer is cured, once again.   

Johanna Stjärnborg is sustainable clothing brand on a journey. We want to make the world a little better while offering timeless, stylish clothes for the conscious woman. Our aim is to always better ourselves in all aspects but never compromise on great design. #growwithme