Sweden at the Salone del Gusto 2010

Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 16, 2010 08:47 CEST

The eighth International Salone del Gusto, international market and exhibition, will be held in Turin, Italy, at the Lingotto Fiere exhibition center on October 21-25, together with Terra Madre. The world meeting of food communities brings together protagonists from the food and agricultural production sectors of 150 countries who are committed to defend and promote production models that respect the environment, safeguard natural resources and biodiversity, and advocate social justice.

Sweden will be well represented in this edition of the Salone del Gusto. Also the new Presidium of the Öland Island Brown Beans will be introduced.

The following events are showcasing Sweden's gastronomic excellence:

Taste Workshops. Initiatives designed to make people aware of the outstanding quality of artisan food products, present tasting sessions guided by experts, producers, farmers, artisans and winegrowers.

• Thursday 21, 4 pm – The Sámi cuisine
Sápmi is an arc of unspoiled land between Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia, home to the Sámi, indigenous herders who raise reindeer. The Sámi cuisine is simple but flavorful and, to us, exotic. Don’t miss this chance to try the Slow Food Presidium Suovas, a Nordic delicacy of salted and smoked reindeer fillet. The tasting will include other artisan-cured reindeer and elk meats, accompanied by aromatic Arctic herbs, wild berries and duolba láibi, a traditional soft unleavened white bread.

• Monday 25, 4 pm - The Presidium Six Nations
Tasting of six European cheeses, all Slow Food Presidia: a Béarn mountain pasture cheese from France, a Carranzana Cara Negra sheep cheese from Spain, a Vacherin Fribougeois from Switzerland, a Jämtland cellar-matured goat cheese from Sweden, St. Tola from Ireland and a Dutch Gouda.

During the Salone, historical residences, villas and castles in and around Torino will join the city’s restaurants to host 24 dinners prepared by chefs from around the world. These are the Dinner Dates.

• Sunday 24, 8.30 pm – Ristorante Ruràl (Corso Verona 15/c Torino) - From Sweden and Italy to Paris.
Thanks to a host of talented and enterprising young chefs, many of them from outside France, it is easy these days to find food of the highest calibre at reasonable prices in Paris. This is the case with Petter Nilsson, from Sweden, who has been running La Gazzetta, a café-restaurant in the 12th arrondissement, since 2006. Likewise with Giovanni Passerini, a Roman, who worked for two years with Petter and last February opened his own restaurant, Rino, near La Gazzetta.
The two will be cooking together again at the Salone, preparing a menu of fresh, seasonal ingredients.


Slow Food Presidia. Spread around the Marketplace and divided by geographic area, over 200 stands (identified by the orange color) will be displaying the cheeses, cured meats, breads, sweets, vegetables, fruits, grains and honeys protected by Slow Food.

Jämtland Cellar-Matured Goat Cheese
In a few summer pastures and small farms in the mountainous regions of central Sweden, a distinctive goat cheese is still produced according to the traditional recipe: using raw milk from a local goat breed left to graze in a mixed environment of meadows, heathland and woods. Each cheese is unique due to the diversity of pastures and natural molds growing on its surface as it matures in ancient stone cellars.
Production Area: Provinces of Jämtland and Härjedalen, Jämtland region

Öland Island Brown Beans
Brown beans or bruna bönor are grown on the Swedish island of Öland in the Baltic Sea. Sown in May and harvested in September, they are allowed to dry on the ground for a few days, stored in a closed shed and then packed. Four varieties are grown: Stella I, Bonita, Katja and Karin. According to the traditional Swedish recipe, they are stewed in a sweet and sour sauce and served with fried bacon. The Presidium producers aim to promote the beans in a market dominated by large chains and precooked beans from other countries.
Production Area: island of Öland

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Il 2010 è l'anno del Salone del Gusto e di Terra Madre! Ti aspettiamo a Torino, dal 21 al 25 Ottobre
This is the year of Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre! We wait for you in Turin from October 21 to 25 -