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Swedish actor cast for the leading role in new Hollywood Production

Press Release   •   May 27, 2016 07:16 CEST

Swedish actor William Legue plays the leading role Ty in the coming Hollywood production "Angels Fallen" by Director Ali Zamani. This cynical retired demon bounty hunter must return to a land best left forgotten when his deceased wife's prophecy comes true that "four angels will land to destroy mankind" only to find a mysterious fifth angel that he must protect from a vicious demon horde.

Shot in Eastern Europe, Macedonia and Los Angeles. Legue is the only Swedish actor on set in Macedonia where filming starts next week.

"We collaborated with actor William Legue in Opus of An Angel where Legue had a supporting role. We were amazed by his performance and enjoyed working with him and decided to cast him as the lead for Angels Fallen" - Director Ali Zamani

Actor William Legue is a former high profile soccer player who by an incident “slipped” into an acting career some what 14 years ago and have since then been casted in more than 15 features, a handful of short films and 3 larger theaters sets. He has bee seen in "Bron / The Bridge" , "Ettor och Nollor / The Fat and The Angry" and more. All Films/TV Series have been a success and prize winning.

"I'm thrilled to be working with AZ Production and the Zamani brothers again and feel honored to have been casted for the leading role in Angels Fallen. It feels great to be in Macedonia, look forward to my 3 weeks here and I can't wait for us to start filming". - Actor William Legue

Angels Fallen is shot in Macedonia, Eastern Europe and Los Angeles. Macedonia due to its country side, landscape and history as its to bee the perfect location for this type of film.

Producers behind Angels Fallen are Zeus Zamani and Justin Jones. Zeus Zamani is the co-founder of AZ Productions/AZ Films Studios, which has directed and produced more than 250 music videos, a multitude of commercials, and several feature films. Justin Jones is the key creative and producer behind Marquis Productions that has brought more than 18 feature films to market. Combining their individual talents, Zamani and Jones formed Thriller Films in Mid-2015 and the duo have been producing highly marketable feature films ever since.

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