Swedish Anytec launching a new experience - Anytec A30

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 01, 2019 11:15 CET

The Swedish boat manufacturer Anytec continues its evolution and launches a completely new outboard model today at the boat exhibition Båtmässan in Gothenburg, Sweden. Anytec A30 - an innovative model, combining a high level of functionality with great power.

Design choices, big and small, combine to make Anytec A30 into a complete dream to drive in coastal waters. With twin-mounted engines and up to 850 horsepower the A30 reaches speeds of 60 knots with retained stability, ensuring a fantastic driving experience throughout the entire speed range. The interior offers many amenities such as five seats equipped with shock absorbers, pentry, wc and an aft sofa that is easily converted into a bed for those relaxing moments in the sun.

  • Aboard the A30 you’re met by spacious social areas and many smart details that are appreciated by drivers and passengers alike. We’ve also focus on creating an exterior with a lot of attitude but with elegant, pleasant lines that speak to even the most discerning users says David Stenlund, CEO Anytec Sweden AB.

Everything is planned. Everything has purpose. A fact that is made abundantly clear as you come aboard. The driver has been positioned in a central location, a design choice that ensure a fantastic driving experience with great visibility in all directions. Always ready for all weathers. The Anytec A30 is equipped with a smart storage space for the canopy. As the weather turns you easily unfold the canopy, which can also be used as protection from the sun. Navigation from Simrad with twin plotters allows you to navigate quickly while maintaining a crystal clear view of your surroundings.

Innovative driving experiences are best combined with innovative technology. Anytec has chosen to collaborate with the dutch design agency Vripack, well-known for their exclusive yacht designs. By modelling the boat digitally and using virtual reality technology it has been possible to explore and test drive the Anytec A30 as a virtual prototype throughout the development process.

  • Virtual reality is a relatively new technology when it comes to boat manufacturing. Its a modern, fantastic method that is refined every year. Today it is an incredibly effective method for testing ergonomics and functionality early on in the design process. The result is a unique experience that is hard to recreate any other way. Anytec A30 is a boat created using VR technology, but it has to be experienced in real life.

Anytec är idag ett växande företag med gamla anor i båtbyggarkulturens Öregrund. Med huvudkontoret i Sverige och den egna fabriken i Lettland bygger vi idag världens främsta aluminiumbåtar. Vårt unika skrov är utan jämförelse det kraftigaste på marknaden och vi har samma kvalitetsfilosofi från vår minsta modell till den allra största.