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Swedish / Canadian design duo take upcycling to a new level at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2011

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 01, 2011 15:47 CET

Recent HDK design masters grads Mattias Sjöberg and James Thompson are taking an ambitious look at reclaiming the word garbage back from taboo with their Tablescraps project

Sjöberg and Thompson have created a humble coffeetable to illustrate their concept of how many of the materials we need already exist.  This led them to an innovative collaboration with Thomas Hansson of Aluwood AB, a certified DuPont Corian ™ fabricator. Together, the designers and fabricator realised that working exclusively with the scrap material generated from Aluwood’s fabrication of such projects as hotel and hospital receptions was a possibility.

Thomas Hansson says: ”When making a whole hotel concierge, if we kept every little endcut, we’d need a whole warehouse just to keep bits that we will likely never need. This cooperation lets us put our excess material back into the market in a positive way”
This esthetic is only really possible from random offcuts, as creating these reclaimed forms from virigin material would be too wasteful to be cost-effective.

James Thompson says: ”It’s reckless to let material like this go to waste, simply because we as designers haven’t been able to find a home for it. In this sense it is like working as a chef, you look around at what is local and available, and work from there.” Mattias adds: ”It’s a bit backwards, instead of designing a table and saying ‘I want it to be blue, lets go find blue material’, instead we are looking at what is available locally, and designing outwards from there. We let the material dictate the final result.”

To see the finished result, James and Mattias invite you to view the Tablescraps project at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2011 (february 8th-12) as part of the Möbelrikets exhibition.

To book an appointment for interview please contact Mattias Sjöberg on +46 739 38 28 23

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James and Mattias are also involved with the Designboom Mart 2011 at Stockholm Furniture Fair



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