Swedish-designed Blueair Indoor Air Purifiers Safeguard World’s Most Elite Institutions

Press Release   •   Aug 07, 2013 13:09 CEST

Stockholm, August 6, 2013 – Blueair, a leader in high-efficiency air purification, has released astonishing data listing the vast array of international institutions, government agencies and corporations using Blueair air purifiers. The lengthy list of government bodies and cross-industry corporations, as well rising consumer demand worldwide, underlines how air pollution is now increasingly recognized as a serious health danger and the care organizations take to combat the problem.

According to company data, Blueair purifiers can be found in at least:

·  32 embassies and consulates from Egypt to China, Indonesia to Mexico

·  108 international government agencies globally

·  90 medical centers in Sweden, Korea, Japan, the USA and elsewhere

·  117 universities in Europe, Asia and North America

·  12 universities in US News and World Report’s Top 30

·  79 restaurants and hotels, including premium chains such as Hilton, JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton

·  50 Forbes Global 2000 Companies in Australia, China, Japan, Korean, the USA and elsewhere

·  8 military installations

In one example, Blueair has delivered hundreds of its top-of-the-range air cleaners to the European Police Mission (EUPOL) in Kabul, the Afghan capital. The city has one of the worst air problems in the world and suffers a constant haze of airborne pollutants.

The growing demand for quality air purification appears to stem from powerful new research on the health dangers of indoor air pollution. The World Health Organization (WHO), for instance, reports that pediatric asthma has doubled over the past 20 years and 14 percent of childhood chronic asthma can be attributed to traffic pollution. Research published in The Lancet reveals that outdoor air pollution was responsible for 3.2 million premature deaths in 2010 while indoor air pollution took 3.5 million lives.

In an industry fraught with exaggerated claims, Blueair distinguishes itself from much of the competition by creating devices that actually work in delivering cleaner, healthier air. In independent testing conducted by Kitasato Research Center of Environmental Sciences in Tokyo, Blueair purifiers managed to remove 99 percent of mold, bacteria and viruses from a 107 square foot room in just 10 minutes. Within 20 minutes, the purifier had removed over 99.9 percent of these pollutants from the room.

In June this year, the official Shanghai Consumer Rights Protection Commission ranked the Blueair 503 indoor air purifier the best in protecting Chinese consumers from PM2.5 particles and formaldehyde pollution, arguably the two most serious indoor air threats to human health.

 All Blueair units have received the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) Portable Electronic Room Air Certification Seal, which verifies that each unit can filter out volume of pollutants it has been declared to filter. This certification is endorsed by both the US Food & Drug administration and the Environmental Protection Agency.

To give consumers and businesses a level playing field in in which to make an informed decision about the efficiency of an individual air purfier, Blueair is lobbinying for the global use of the CADR (Clean Air Deleivery Rate) system, which measures how efficient air cleaners are at removing pollen, dust, smoke and viruses from indoor air.

“At Blueair we believe everyone should breathe air as clean as nature intended for the simple reason that clean air is a basic human right,” said Jonas Holst, head of international marketing and sales at Blueair. “If indoor air quality received the same attention and focus as outdoor pollution, millions of lives could be improved and saved. So we hope to raise awareness of air pollution while providing individuals and organizations with real solutions.” 

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