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September 10, 2008
Contact: Annika Sundin, MD, Details from Sweden AB
Phone: +46 76 842 66 22

"Glass with the Swedish symbols stands for the Swedishness that we are so proud of", says Annika Sundin, MD, Details from Sweden AB, the company behind Swedish Details.

A modernized Swedish classic

You find new, Swedish glass art design at The classic glass tradition stretches several hundred years back in Sweden and in recent years, a new technology, fusing, has become popular. It is with this technology the glass at Swedish Details are created.

Says Sundin, "We are proud to work with one of the most interesting glass manufacturers we have in Sweden today; Confusing. All Confusings products - both bowls and jewelry - are made by hand and each product is totally unique. The soul of the glass is reflected in all products by the interaction between the hard surface and the soft transparency."

Unique design for Swedish Details
The Swedish jewelry and the Swedish bowls created by Confusing is designed only for They are based on the Swedish colours and are inspired by the Swedish symbols; the flag, Midsummer and the sunset.

"At Swedish Details, customers can be 100 percent sure of the origin of the product, this of course includes the glass art. Confusing do all the designs and creates locally in Stockholm" completes Sundin.

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BOILERPLATE SWEDISH DETAILS is the new online Swedish boutique. Swedish Details offers Swedish design and handicraft products that are eco-friendly combined with the Swedish way of life - trendsetting and inspiring. At Swedish Details you also find guide services as your personal guide to Stockholm. Sweden. Wherever you are.

Confusing started in 2006. The production takes place in Stockholm, Sweden and all bowls and jewelry are created by hand, by the designers. Designers and owners are Lotta Fogelström and Lena Odell.

Facts about Fusing
Fusing is an ancient technique that started more than 4000 years ago. The Americans revived the technique under the 40's. Pieces of glass is cut apart and fitted together into a mosaic. This is then melted and shaped in special fusing ovens. Depending on the type of glass it is heated up to between 700 ° C and 900 ° C and then slowly cooled down so the glass will not crack. The glass is then formed in ceramic or metallic molds. All manufacturing is done by hand and each product is unique.