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Swedish digital consultancy appoints Nick Agarwal as Head of Delivery: “Many UK companies have been too focused on digital customer experience”

Pressmeddelande   •   Jan 20, 2017 09:00 CET

[Malmö, Sweden, January 20, 2017.] Fast-growing digital innovation and management consultancy, Swedish Alite International, has appointed Nick Agarwal for the position as Head of Delivery in UK. Nick Agarwal, says he is looking forward to becoming a member of a team that truly understands what digital transformation is all about.

Nick Agarwal, who has more than 20 years of experience working in IT and technology consulting, is excited to become a part of a team devoted to creating new value for Alite’s clients, by using digital technologies to create real change in their business models.

“Alite International truly understands what digital transformation is all about”, Nick Agarwal, said. “It is not about digitising existing processes, rather it means creating new business value by enabling different types of innovation and creativity, using digital technologies, such as the Internet of Things.”

Nick Agarwal started his career as a management consultant at Deloitte and Touche, and has a broad experience working with Fortune 500 organisations within Retail, Automotive, Telecommunication, and Insurance, to mention a few. In his opinion many UK companies have been too focused on digital customer experience.

“However, to create new value, many of the companies will also need to transform and digitise their business operations”, he said. “Alite International has experience in helping clients transform not only their customer experience but also their business operations.”

Alite’s UK CEO, Andrew Cordes, is excited to have such an experienced colleague on board, at such an early stage for the UK business.

“With Nick in the UK team, we will have a team member with experience that combines both business and technology, in a way that I know will be useful for our customers”, Andrew Cordes said.

Alite International is helping global companies to create digital revenues, either by developing existing business models, or by helping clients to create entirely new digital business models. Customers include companies in the insurance, publishing, telecoms and traditional industry, and are leaders in their field, conducting global operations. Alite International has grown organically and has a presence in Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Serbia, Macedonia and the UK.

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