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Pressmeddelande   •   Mar 28, 2018 11:08 CEST

GLOBHE and FLYPULSE, two of Sweden’s most promising drone startups, have joined forces to develop sustainable drone services globally under the partnership “High5 by Sweden”.

GLOBHE brings experience as global drone service provider and a unique AI solution for drones into the collaboration while FLYPULSE takes world leading drone technology and drone system expertise into the partnership.

In March the partnership demonstrated a unique medical cargo delivery system in the Malawi drone testing corridor in Kasungu, which is managed by the government of Malawi and UNICEF, and dedicated to the testing of humanitarian and development cooperation application of drones. It was the longest flight conducted in the corridor, 66 km, and the world’s first joint cargo/AI drone demonstration where the drone had two tasks 1) deliver medical cargo into hard to reach areas and 2) capture images that automatically trigger insights from the route such as road quality, flooding and number of households in the area.

GLOBHE and FLYPULSE will continue to operate as separate companies but cooperates in jointly defined areas. Great alone – even greater together!

At Flypulse we build and develop complete dronesystems. Remote user control software, cloud interfaces, automatic charging stations, onboard AI-vision, drone electronics, payload and sensor integrations are some examples of our work.