Swedish Esports startup Gumbler raises 5m EUR in growth capital

Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 21, 2016 13:32 CEST

Swedish Esports and gaming company Gumbler raises 5 million euros (45m SEK) in growth capital. Among the investors are Inbox Capital and well-known international sports stars.

Gumbler was founded in 2013 and with its unique Esports platform it has become the leading service for anyone who wants to participate in skill based games. Gumbler operates within the area of skill based gaming for money; where each player puts in an entry fee to participate.

Last year Gumbler’s globplatform was launched for several mobile games with successful results and has an average turnover of 45 EUR per paying player and month.

“You’re only putting in an entry fee for yourself and noone else, and you’re facing opponents at your own skill level. The best player in Mad Skills Motocross 2 wins approximately 6,000 USD each month which, for mobile Esports, is huge!” says Simon Sundén, VP at Gumbler.

Mad Skills Motorcross 2 is the game with the highest amount of paying players on Gumbler’s platform 2016. With over 1 million EUR Gumbler’s platform has enabled the mobile game to become the tenth largest game in the world in terms of prize money paid to players.

Above: Recent winners from Mad Skills Motorcross 2, players participated in a tournament through Gumbler.

“Ever since I was introduced to the world of Esports I’ve wanted to be a part of it in some way. As a pro tennis player it’s always interesteing to help future stars grow and my hope is that Gumbler can be a part of that and make Esports even bigger.” says Robin Söderling, professional tennis player, investor in Gumbler and former no. 4 in ATP rankings.

After the investment Gumbler will expand, not only to additional mobile games, but also by launching their service for the PC platform.

“With this investment we have the possibility not only to expand within the mobile platforms, but also into the PC games which are currently dominating Esports. We will be able to offer the world’s best solution both for game developers and for gamers who want to enter Esports for real money.” says Patrik Nybladh, founder and CEO of Gumbler.

The growth capital makes Gumbler one of the world’s most attractive companies in the segment gaming and Esports. According to Mediavision Esports attracted more viewers online than any other sport in the second quarter of 2016.*

For more information, please contact:

Simon Sundén, VP

E-Mail: simon@gumbler.com

Phone: +46 70 267 14 99

About Gumbler
Gumbler is a unique player-to-player Esports platform that makes it possible for any player aged 18 or above to play against friends and other opponents for real money in games they love. Gumbler is available cross platform - you choose whether you want to play on your mobile, tablet or PC. Gumbler was founded in 2013 by Patrik Nybladh and has had their unique platform on the market since the fall of 2015.

Today Gumbler has 15 employees and on the board of directors are: Johan Persson, co-founder of MAG Interactive, Simon Sundén, former head of Esports at MTGx and Håkan Jerner, former Nordic Director at Unibet.