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Swedish Foundation sees fees on raw materials can create circular economy

Pressmeddelande   •   Jun 17, 2013 00:45 CEST

Says White Paper author Stephen Hinton; " People get worried that we should reduce consumerism, as our way of life is driving resource use and emissions. Just reducing will collapse the economy. Instead, the Foundation proposes fees on introduction of raw materials into the economy.  These fees are raised until the consumption and emission of materials ceases. But the money is redirected into  the economy - paid out equally to all taxpayers. This ensures people have money to buy what they need".

The paper is the result of several years' work, including projects with the Nordic Council of Ministers on Carbon fees and fees on phosphorous and nitrogen.

It is essential reading for those working with the transition of society away from the resource-hungry to the equitable, sustainable future many long for. It provides a sound basis for practical approaches to pricing and managing pollution.

The paper, along with other versions and  the short summary can be downloaded here.

The circular economy can be ushered this way: substances that are not biological of origin ( iron, other metals,  mined substances etc) cost to enter the system, and the price is raised until they do not leave it. Biological nutrients circulate too, but enter and leave the economy without burdening recipient or reducing ecological maturity of the source. At the same time, money to enable these transactions circulates freely in the opposite direction.

The Swedish Sustainable Economy Foundation, established in 1995,  develops and promotes systemic approaches and solutions to the challenge of developing society in a sustainable way mainly in the areas of ecology, economy and work. The Foundation takes a non-political, holistic approach to promoting these solutions through research and development, education, spread of information and various cooperation projects, including humanitarian initiatives.

Stiftelsen Hållbart Samhälle , grundades 1995 för att utveckla  och främja systematiska metoder och lösningar för utmaningen att utveckla samhället på ett hållbart sätt. Uppdraget för stiftelsen är att främja utvecklingen av förutsättningar för hållbarhet – ren luft och vatten - genom tillämpning av finansiella instrument på nationell nivå och spridning av makroekonomiska systemlösningar.

Stiftelsen tar en icke-politisk, helhetssyn för att främja dessa lösningar genom forskning och utveckling, utbildning, spridning av information och olika samarbetsprojekt, bland annat humanitära insatser.