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Swedish Helpline about young people now in English

Pressmeddelande   •   Okt 19, 2010 05:53 CEST

Today, Hassela Helpline is pleased to announce that it will start offering its services in English without special appointment, starting Tuesday the 19th of October. The helpline, which can be contacted by regular phone or via an Internet chat, is making several efforts during the autumn to improve its multi-lingual services. Conversations in English can now be held during all of the opening hours of the helpline.

– Our vision is to allow everyone the possibility of speaking in their own language, and this is one step further in that direction, says Jenny Anderberg of Hassela Helpline. Unfortunately, far too many people are affected by drug abuse, regardless of cultural background. Since it is a difficult subject to talk about, it is of the utmost importance that anyone be able to fully express themselves.

Speaking in another language other than Swedish was possible before, but required you to contact the helpline and decide upon time and date in advance. But in September this year, Hassela Helpline launched a permanent Spanish line, with more languages to follow this autumn.

Hassela Helpline is a free-of-charge, multi-lingual helpline concerning young people at risk for drug and alcohol abuse or criminality. The helpline is open five days a week plus holiday weekends and is manned by trained, English-speaking volunteers and co-workers. The phone number is 0200 220 555 and the Internet chat line is available on www.hasselahelpline.se

Media contact: Lucas Nilsson, (+46)40 600 43 52, lucas.nilsson@hasselahelpline.se

Presskontakt: Lucas Nilsson, 040 600 43 52, lucas.nilsson@hasselahelpline.se

Hassela Helpline - 0200-220 555

Sveriges enda nationella, mångspråkiga telefonjour om ungdomar i riskzonen för missbruk och kriminalitet. Öppen för föräldrar, syskon, kompisar och andra som är oroliga att någon ung människa är på väg in i kriminalitet eller missbruk.

Hassela Helpline nås på 0200-220 555 kl 9-15 på vardagar och vissa kvällar, samt på www.hasselahelpline.se och info@hasselahelpline.se.