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Swedish hottest design duo introduce couture and new collection 2012

Pressmeddelande   •   Nov 23, 2011 11:44 CET

Stockholm, November 24, 2011

Design by Leftovers – pre-loved can be re-loved.

The incredible selection of Couture furniture that put the Netsman
designer duo on the global map, is now expanding further.

Couture is a statement not a style. The designers are continuing their
craftsmanship with the launch of an entire new collection for 2012,
and a number of amazing couture items.
The creation of each piece is done with a passion for fabrics and the frames
are selected and purchased on international antique auctions. The process
of selecting and cutting the materials is only one of the many steps in the
production. They are followed by the craftsmanship of putting them together and the creativity in the process will continue to be a part of this. We work with
the best handicraft partners, to treat and strengthen the furniture frame and
to apply the upholstery.

Enjoy special promotional rates on the 2011 collection.

November 2011

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