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Swedish innovator turns Google’s phone into a security device

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 09, 2010 02:51 CET

Stockholm, Sweden, January 2010

The Swedish company Nordic Edge has developed a mobile client, Pledge, which turns Google’s new mobile Google Nexus One into a security token. Pledge generates one-time passwords on the device and allows users to use their Google mobile to log in securely to local networks, cloud services or Internet banks.

– By using the mobile phone as a security token, everything becomes so much easier and cheaper, for end-users and also for service providers. Users get an easy way to login with a device that they always carry with them, while the service provider, for example the bank or the IT-department, can offer remote access that is secure and cheap since it doesn’t need hardware tokens, says Jim Carlsson, CEO Nordic Edge.

There’s a strong demand from many companies and organizations to find secure and user-friendly security solutions that employees or customers can use to connect without requiring hardware tokens, which are often very expensive from both a financial and an environment perspective.

- We are managing more and more of our lives through our mobile phones, and these devices are now ideally suited for providing a secure and user-friendly security solution. So we believe there’s a great market potential in Pledge.

The rapidly growing Swedish technology company Nordic Edge developed Pledge which creates one-time passwords for two-factor authentication, resulting in a very high login security. The client software can handle multiple, simultaneous logins on different servers, so only one client is required on the phone even if the user needs to log on to several connections at the same time. Pledge also comes with a signing functionality, so the phone can be used for example to sign inquiries from a customer service, to sign transactions, or bid at an auction.

Nordic Edge has over the past year produced mobile clients for the world's most popular mobile phones such as Blackberry, iPhone and Android phones. Pledge is also available for all Microsoft Windows Mobile-based phones and for phones that support Java Micro Edition (JME).

To learn more about Pledge and see how the user authentication process works with the Pledge, please visit or watch the movie at

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