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Swedish master chef to compete in the American, World Kitchen

Pressmeddelande   •   Jan 14, 2010 11:30 CET

Swedish master chef, Leif Mannerström, will participate in the competition, Redefining Dining 2010, with an exquisite Veal Rossini. However, this time it is not the actual composition that is in focus, but how our demands for time savings versus quality in the actual dish will be viewed in the future.

It will be an exciting Veal Rossini of the highest quality that master chef Mannerström prepares; a unique culinary experience.  How would you like to have a master chef’s prime veal fillet and duck liver with truffle sauce prepared and beautifully presented directly on your own plate? Yes, in the future this will be possible. The concept that makes this possible constitutes an important element in the competition entry.

 - The most important things for me are that a meal tastes good, is well-prepared, and that it is presented in an appetizing way. It has to look good, says Leif Mannerström.

 Just as when consumers once demanded to be able to buy potatoes in sacks instead of growing them in their own gardens, people are now demanding a well-prepared dinner, ready-cooked and delivered. Leif Mannerström points out that this is not a focus on ready-cooked fast-food, but on our everyday dinners and party dinners.

 - I can say that this is revolutionary within food processing. You simply transfer the wonderfully composed dinner to the plate and it looks extremely good, continues Mannerström

 According to the master chef, Innovative Design of Scandinavia’s answer to modern man’s lifestyle is predicted to be revolutionary for all ready-cooked foods.


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