Swedish/Persian soulprincess Jasmine Kara releases new single "CALL BACK" in 3 languages

Pressmeddelande   •   Apr 08, 2019 00:56 CEST

She is known to be a workaholic, true performer and a musician that is not scared to break the rules of what can or can’t be done.

A few months ago she released the single ”Smile” in three different languages, English, Persian and Spanish (”Labkhand” and ”Risas”) and all of them received great media attention.

”Smile” was premiered at ”Lotta på Liseberg” and ”Malou efter tio” on TV4 Sweden, followed with many more performances on TV, Radio and live.

Labkhand, the Persian version was featured on all the biggest Persian networks like ”Voice of America”, ”Manoto TV - Echo Show”, ”Bia2”, and was premiered on Iran’s biggest radio, not only in Iran but also for the 6 million other Persian followers around the world of ”RadioJavan”.

Also 3 different music videos were shoot and released on youtube to the 3 different languages.

Now she releases the second single from the same upcoming album called ”Call Back”. And this one will also be released on Persian and Spanish (”Bordi az yadam” and ”Nunca Llamas” The song was written by Jasmine Kara and the same producer as on Smile, Oliver Forsmark.

Spanish lyrics written by Dreyson Fabricio and Persian lyrics by Soheila Ghodstinat.

There is also 3 brand new music videos, one in each language, to be released with the single. The English and Spanish version was shot in Spain by the famous Chile artist and video producer Cristian Bernal and the persian one was shot in London by Enes Visuals starring the videographer himself and persian actress Sasha Ghodstinat.

Even this one will also be released in Spanish and Persian, is this how you’re gonna do it every time?

- I don’t think so, but I like to do it sometimes maybe next time it will be in Swedish who knows? All I know is that I love music more than anything in the world, and I love to try new sounds and just play with it like the kid I am inside.

Other than the release of ”Call back”, she has lots of touring coming up this year, her clothingline JK apparel, more singles and a lot of other plans swell.

- This year I have a lot of releases coming up, not just with the music, that’s all I can say for now…Some things might be very unexpectable.

"Call back" will be released on the 8th of April, "Nunca Llamas" on the 26th of April and "Bordi Az Yadam" on the 15th of May.

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