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Swedish start-up xpuff is out in stormy weather

Press Release   •   Feb 08, 2017 07:00 CET

- New smartphone accessory blocks wind noise and diminishes disturbing noises

In our time of constant communication and on the go-lifestyles, a seamless integration between tech tools and social interactions is highly sought after. The new headphone cord add-on the xpuff solves the problem of wind noise during calls. Xpuff is launching soon on IndieGoGo.

xpuff is a new mobile phone accessory that blocks wind noises and diminishes din such as scraping and bangs. By attaching the small “puff” on the microphone and volume control on your headphone cords, unwanted sounds are filtered and eliminated, resulting in calls – as well as film and sound recordings – of a superior quality.

“I was walking my dog on a stormy day, trying to talk on the phone with my friend Jochen. We failed miserably, since the wind kept interrupting us. I thought to myself: ‘Enough is enough!’ and decided to solve this annoying problem. So now Jochen and I have developed the xpuff to do just that. It feels good to launch in January, when the weather is especially gloomy here up north. Anything to make our Swedish winters easier to get through!”, says Lukas Belsander, CEO and founder.

The challenge with audial disturbances may be complicated, but the xpuff itself has a very simple and completely analogue construction. The smartphone accessory, compatible with Apple’s EarPod-headphones, is made up of three parts – a hard two-piece cover and an inner soft foam. To use the xpuff, the foam is wrapped around the headphone cord microphone and locked into place with the cover’s top and bottom parts. The xpuff can be just as easily removed again, and is also recyclable.

“There are a couple of similar products out there, but most of them are made of just foam. Foam isn’t enough to properly block noise, we’ve found in our experiments where we and our friends have tested the xpuff while running, biking, sailing and walking. The xpuff even cancels out zipper scraping and beard brushing! We hope to make life just a little bit better for people with active lifestyles, especially in urban environments. And who knows, people who don’t move around all that much might start choosing to take a walk and talk around the block more often?”, says Jochen Lavéno Mangelsdorff, Creative Director and founder.

After a year of prototype trials, often on the many bridges and docks of Stockholm, the xpuff is ready to make calls sound better around the world. To be able to start production, the xpuff team have a goal to raise 10 000 USD via an IndieGoGo campaign.

IndieGoGo campaign, active soonLINK



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Om xpuff

xpuff är ett smartphonetillbehör som gör sus- och brusfria samtal möjliga genom att filtrera, blockera och minimera störande ljud såsom vind och buller. Produkten är formgiven samt utvecklad av svenska entreprenör- och industridesignerduon Lukas Belsander och Jochen Lavéno Mangelsdorff. Varumärket xpuff och patentet ägs av företaget Form The Solution, som också drivs och grundades av duon.

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