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Swedish telemarketing company RingRingRing Group, selects Vocalcom for its Stockholm-based contact center

Pressmeddelande   •   Apr 12, 2006 00:53 CEST

Copenhagen, 12th April 2006 – RingRingRing Group, a Swedish company offering high-quality telemarketing, datamining and sales strategy services, implements 85 Hermès.Net positions in Stockholm. Ringringring was founded by a couple of people with many years experience in the field of sales and marketing. After conducting an in-depth market study of 30 well-known telemarketing agencies, they introduced a revolutionary way of thinking in the industry. Their aim is to offer higher levels of service and in order to do so, they rely on Vocalcom’s web-based technology, integrated with Sting Network’s hosted IP telephony solution. Ringringring will deploy Hermès.Net for their wide range of services in the field of sales, market surveys and customer care.
Vocalcom’s Hermès.Net technology is industry-recognized and differentiates itself from the competition through its openness towards integration, its unmatched flexibility and scalability. Ringringring was looking for a solution that would support its business growth with all required functionalities to serve its customers. The Hermès.Net solution’s efficient and productive dialer and advanced reporting tool were key decisive factors in the company’s choice.
“We selected Vocalcom because the Hermès.Net solution covered all our functional requirements. Furthermore, Vocalcom provides us with all the necessary support and fast responsiveness required in our business,” says Marvin Mansour, CEO, Ringringring AB.

About Ringringring
Ringringring Stockholm AB was founded in Sweden in January 2005.

Ringringring provides a full outsourced service, for outbound, inbound and blended telemarketing together with a full business development service for companies in all vertical markets.

Ringringring has won prestigious contracts with several Swedish and international ´blue-chip´ companies.

Ringringring offer full customer sale life cycle services including; telemarketing, (both inbound and outbound), customer retention, appointment setting, quantitative surveys, database management, tele-diagnostics and marketing effectiveness campaigns.

Ringringring also offer full datamining and market analysis in Sweden, including complete marketing packages, for several vertical markets including addresses, telephone numbers, specific contact names, sms and email addresses to ensure only relevent prospects are contacted and major cost savings are made when buying data.

For more information contact Marvin Mansour, CEO, Ringringring Stockholm AB, tel; (+46) (0) 8 510 687 04 email; marvin.m@ringringring.se


About Vocalcom
Vocalcom is a leading international software publisher and manufacturer of technology solutions for multi-channel contact centers since 10 years. Vocalcom offers a broad range of solutions that cover all call center functionalities in an all-in-one platform. Vocalcom’s latest innovation, Hermès.Net, is a completely web-based call center with functionalities accessible through a standard Internet browser. The solution is also ideal for virtual contact centers with multiple remote sites and home workers. Vocalcom is an industry-recognized solution provider and has been awarded the ‘Contact Center/CRM Solutions Award’ in the US for 5 consecutive years. Over 50.000 users in more than 30 countries work with Vocalcom solutions on a daily basis. Vocalcom differentiates itself from competitors with solutions that are flexible, affordable, user-friendly and with short implementation times. Vocalcom Headquarters are in Paris. The company has worldwide representation through own offices and business partnerships. HQ for Scandinavia are based in Copenhagen.

For more information, contact Peggy VAN DER AUWERA, +32 2 467 82 93 or visit www.vocalcom.com.