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Swedish wireless innovator Possio, announces Possio Professional Services to meet growing narrow band data demand from mobile operators and enterprises around the world

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 14, 2010 08:00 CET

Barcelona February 14, 2010
Today Possio announce Possio Professional Services which is a new more structured way for the company to work with mobile operators and enterprises. Possio invented the mobile fax machine almost 20 years ago and have gained unparalleled experience solving narrowband data problems in GSM networks. The fixed to mobile substitution in homes and offices around the world together with large parts of the world where fixed telephone networks simply aren’t available create a growing number of challenges where traditional analogue devices for the fixed network have to be made to work over GSM.

Since wireless alternatives to fixed communication are cheaper to deploy and more flexible to use, fixed wireless solutions will be desired by people and organizations in all relevant situations. The transition from fixed telephony to mobile is monumental and quite easy to understand and manage. But the fixed telephone networks are also used for a wide range of narrowband data applications with different kinds of modems and these applications are often complicated to move to a GSM network. The most common application is fax which still is used across the world, but there are others  like elevator systems, postage systems, alarms, surveillance systems, door opening systems, vending machines and thousands of computer applications updated via modem.

”The world is full of Fixed Cellular Terminals (FCTs) but reality is that one problem is not like the other, and it takes a very robust and customizable product together with a lot of knowledge to successfully move any analog data device to GSM” says Rickardh Gärdström, Sales Director, Operator Sales at Possio. ”Most operators I meet have a backlog of unresolved customer issues in this field and appreciate a partner to work with to clean up the backlog and to avoid angry customers and bad PR” continues Mr Gärdström. 

Narrow band data applications over GSM (GSM Data, GPRS and Edge) rarely work out of the box thus require proper collaboration with the specific networks. A specific solution most often requires specific parameter settings in the FCT and sometimes even adjustments in the network. Possio’s flagship platform - SVEA II GSM Connector - comes with localized support for the country where it operates in and on top of that a scalable device management functionality and an exceptionally rich feature set and functions.

”We have never failed implementing fax over GSM with SVEA II which is something mobile operators use to pay a lot of attention to” says Mr Ralf Wittig, Head of Products at Possio. ”But since each project is unique and sometimes require changes even in the network, this is more of a consulting exercise than box selling which explains why we have created Possio Professional Services”, says Mr Wittig.

Possio use several products when solving operator’s narrow band data problems including a new solution for migrating ISDN terminals to the GSM network. Possio Professional Services has been available since January 1 2010, but from today it is public.resellers and customers we’re looking forward to the launch of Possio and GRETA in the United States”, continues Mr Östlund. 

For more information please contact Magnus Melander, Marketing Director, at +46 70 230 72 51 or magnus.melander@possio.com. Possio is represented at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in the Swedish Pavilion 2F13.

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For the past 28 years Possio has been developing and marketing fixed and portable wireless products globally. We have a genuine track record of turning customer problems into relevant easy-to-use communication products for international markets. Possio is based in Sweden, the home of wireless communication, with sales offices in Beijing and Chicago. For more information please visit www.possio.com.