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Pressmeddelande   •   Jun 27, 2013 11:06 CEST


Whether you are already a lover of Swedish food or you are just curious to learn more, we feel sure you will find something to whet your appetite and get you cooking something truly Swedelicious! is a site recently launched to promote Swedish food culture primarily to the English-speaking world. Swedish cuisine is enjoying a fantastic reputation the world over and contains  a whole wealth of gorgeous recipes direct from the Swedish kitchen.

On the site is a collection of well over 100 recipes, including the Top 50 Classics, put together by a superb team of writers. Every recipe includes at least one sumptuous photo, an at-a-glance summary and background information.

Contents include:

Karin Fürst’s recipe for Midsummer Cake. Karin is a wonderful cook and at 87 a true inspiration.

Chris Brookes, a talented young Australian chef, has come up with some superb recipes, including crispy Salmon with a carrot puree. 

Edd Kimber’s recipe for blueberry buns.  Edd was the winner of the very popular British television series The Great British Bake Off and has written two superb cake books. 

Tried & TastedColin Moon’s entertaining article about Swedes and Alcohol.  Colin is Sweden’s Speaker of the Year, a superb achievement for a Brit. He will be a regular contributor, giving us insights into Sweden, the Swedes and their love of good, healthy, lean food. 

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