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Swensk launches Did. Projects

Pressmeddelande   •   Jul 14, 2009 07:26 CEST

FfS International AB retailer brand Swensk launches Did. Projects in collaboration with Mr. Chris Barton during the annual State of Design Festival in Melbourne. Did. Projects collaborates with entrepreneurial people that dare to challenge themselves and live by the understanding that an idea is useless until it's realised.

The first Did. Project highlights Chris Barton and the launch of his new venture OWN Books. Chris Barton, 26, is the Creative Director of NowNow - a creative collective based in Melbourne, Australia, and Editor of international arts paper, WON Magazine. OWN Books, as the brand name lettering suggests, is a similar but unique way in which to engage with both artists and their audience.

"OWN Books is about spending more time with fewer people," says Chris. Although there are always challenges and certain sacrifices involved in independent publications, it is ultimately a privilege and luxury to work so closely with an artist and find meaningful ways through which to connect their work with an audience."

Their first publication 581c - Volume 1 by Swedish photographer Thobias Fäldt will be launched in the Swensk store on the 16th of July 2009 during the State of Design Festival in Melbourne. It is also the beginning of a broader 581c project that recognises Fäldt's photography as a torrent, or stream, better suited to regularity than retrospectives. Over five years, OWN Books and Thobias Fäldt will publish a series of ten books together with each publication accompanied by an event/exhibition in a different space, in a different location. 581c - Volume 2 will be released in December, 2009, at Black and Blue Gallery, Sydney.

"Framing personalities is what Swensk is all about. Through Did. Projects we get the chance to provide small contributions that delivers some breathing space for the entreprenour. Being a small part of these projects is an amazing priviledge, but it is also a way to deliver our promise and reason for existance - interesting people never go out of fashion" says Mats Ekström, founder of Swensk.

More information
About Swensk and Did. Projects, please contact Jane Matthews, jane@swensk.com.
About OWN Books, Thobias Fäldt and 581c, please contact Chris Barton, chris@nownow.com.au.
About State of Design, please visit http://stateofdesign.com.au/

Photos from the event will be published on press.swensk.com between the 25-31 July 2009.

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