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Pressmeddelande   •   Mar 09, 2015 11:14 CET

Stockholm, Sweden – 2015-03-09,Sweratel AB, a Swedish Innovative Company located in Jönköping, Sweden have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with B-Open Nordic AB in Stockholm. Sweratel have assigned B-Open Nordic to identify suitable partners and investment opportunities in Eastern and Southern Africa. The intention of the MOU is that B-Open Nordic will represent Sweratel in these markets as sales and business development partner.

The innovative Sweratel has developed complete end-to-end Cloud-managed Carrier-grade Metro WiFi networks solutions for city networks and ICT infrastructure for the most challenging areas such as urban, suburban, rural, logistics hubs, smart communities, Wi-Fi corridors, smart gridsand networked connected society markets.

The Sweratel RTWIP system provides an ideal reference solutions for Network Operators, Carriers,ISPs, infrastructure owners and other new entrants from Municipalities and ICT sectorswishing to deliver premium broadband access to support a range of compelling next generation Smart-phones, Phablets, Tablets, Apps, including 3G/4G (LTE) Wi-Fi offload.

With its advanced RTWIP-CORE interface and support for a variety of network architectures, RTWIP delivers the solutions to address the challenges that have traditionally been barriers to wide deployment of Wi-Fi systems. Specifically, the RTWIP system is designed from the ground-up to successfully compete in the exploding “new generation” of wireless broadband that drives the “Internet of Things” (IoT).

As network operator’s customer base grows, the Sweratel RTWIP cloud-managed solution will scale easily with the addition of new clusters. The architecture of the RTWIP system is based upon a highly flexible, modular software platform, working parallel with Cloud-managed Convergent Billing Suite (CBS) and Mobile Off-Load System (OLS) to enable a “success based” incremental capital model; that is, network operators can initially rollout service with a low-cost minimal configuration then easily, and non-disruptively, “plug in” capacity as subscriber growth dictates. In this way, incremental capital expense for capacity growth tracks with incremental revenues from subscriber growth.

B-Open Nordic will now assist Sweratel to look for Companies, Cities and Municipalities in Eastern and Southern Africa that are interested in this most cost effective wireless broadband technologythat offers faster and advanced wireless internet solutions to their customers and/or users. B-Open Nordic is a business consulting firm focusing on international business development. We help companies establish and grow in new markets and work with both the commercial and legal side of international business development. We do not only limit ourselves to offer good advice only, we will help you grow by more business.

About Sweratel AB

Sweratel AB was founded with a vision of implementing practical Carrier-grade MetroWi-Fi networks solution based on the enormous potential of technology breakthroughs. Sweratel has developed a complete end-to-end Cloud Carrier-grade Wi-Fi networks solution built-on own Innovative RTWIP-CORE technology; a highly flexible, modular software platform forms the CORE architecture and the fundamental operational framework of all system elements and products that leapfrogs today’s limited solutions and enables Network Operators, Carriers, ISPs, Infrastructure owners and other new entrants from Municipalities and ICT sectors, to successfully compete in the exploding “new generation” of wireless broadband that drives the “Internet of Things” (IoT), 3G/LTE Wi-Fi offload and Networked Connected Society markets.

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