Symbols of the Union to be adopted by Parliament

Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 11, 2008 14:12 CEST

The European Union flag, anthem and motto are to be formally recognised by the European Parliament in October. A proposal to amend Parliament's rules of procedure so as to formalise its use of these symbols was approved by the Constitutional Affairs Committee on Thursday, but still needs to be endorsed in plenary session.

The flag, a circle of twelve golden stars on a blue background, will be displayed in all EP meeting rooms and at EP official events, says the report, draftedby Carlos Carnero Gonzales (PES, ES) and approved in committee with20 votes in favour and four against.

The anthem, based on the "Ode to Joy" from Beethoven'sNinth Symphony, is tobe performed at the opening ceremony following each European election and at formal sittings.

The motto, "United in diversity", will be reproduced on all Parliament's official documents.

Finally, the celebration ofEurope Day on 9 May is also to be formally recognised in Parliament's rules of procedure.

Any amendment to the rules of procedure must be approved by an absolute majority of MEPs (i.e. at least 393 votes in favour).

11/09/2008In the Chair : Jo LEINEN (PES, DE) Procedure: Amendment to the Rules of Procedure
Plenary vote: October I