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SyntheticMR releases two new CE-marked versions of SyMRI™

Pressmeddelande   •   Jul 11, 2013 09:57 CEST

SyntheticMR AB (“SyntheticMR”), a subsidiary of Accelerator Nordic AB, has released two new versions of the software SyMRI. SyMRI provides improved efficiency and better decision support for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The new versions, SyMRI IMAGE 7.0 and SyMRI NEURO 7.0 are CE-marked for clinical use in Europe.

”SyMRI 7.0 is the first regulatory approved product on the market that enables synthetic MRI on both 1,5T and 3T scanners. This is an important milestone within MRI, enabling faster workflow and better decision support”, says Stefan Tell, CEO SyntheticMR AB.

SyMRI IMAGE makes MRI more effective by reducing the time per patient for an MRI scan, which means that more patients can be examined in a day. Different MRI images (T1W, T2W, PDW, and FLAIR) are generated based on a single MRI scan that only takes 6 minutes, i.e. up to 50 percent reduction in examination time compared to traditional MRI. The scanner settings are adjustable afterwards, which is otherwise not possible with traditional MRI imaging. Adjustable scanner settings lower the risk of having to recall the patient if the settings were not optimal the first time.

SyMRI NEURO provides quantitative MRI images for increased efficiency in analysis and better decision support. The software enables automated tissue characterization and volume estimation of different tissue types in the brain. This enables diagnostic decisions to be based on objective measurements instead of subjective judgment, which is often the case today due to lack of quantitative data. Tools are included to easily mark out and measure, for example, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) lesion load, tumor volume, or ventricle volume. The software also automatically calculates BPF (”Brain Parenchymal Fraction”), a valuable and clinically used measurement for brain atrophy in patients with neurodegenerative diseases such as MS and dementia. Through quantitative measurements, SyMRI NEURO increases the accuracy of patient follow-up for neurodegenerative diseases.

Both SyMRI IMAGE and SyMRI NEURO are now available for both 1,5T and 3T MRI systems from two of the largest MRI system suppliers.

SyMRI is sold for clinical use in Europe. The plan is to launch SyMRI on a broader scale internationally through partnerships with global MRI system suppliers. During 2012, SyntheticMR signed and evaluation agreement with one of the market leading MRI system suppliers.

For additional information, please contact Stefan Tell, CEO of SyntheticMR AB, +46 73 373 40 90, or Maria Wrethag, CEO of Accelerator Nordic AB, +46 76 119 19 83.

SyntheticMR AB, a subsidiary of Accelerator Nordic AB, has developed SyMRI™, software for more effective Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). SyMRI uses a rapid MRI scan that provides a measure for patient tissue properties. Using these properties conventional MRI images and tissue images can be generated. In this way examination time is reduced for the patient and the decision support is improved for the radiologist. For more information, please visit

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