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SyntheticMR signs evaluation agreement with leading MRI supplier

Pressmeddelande   •   Jul 26, 2012 13:04 CEST

SyntheticMR AB, a subsidiary of Accelerator Nordic AB, has signed an evaluation agreement with a leading MRI system supplier regarding evaluation of its software SyMRI at selected clinics. With the evaluation, the MRI supplier wants to assess the opportunity to sell SyMRI as an add-on option together with the MRI supplier’s MRI systems.

As SyntheticMR has communicated earlier, the company is currently in discussions with leading MRI system suppliers regarding joint commercialization of SyMRI, SyntheticMR’s MRI software for improved efficiency and better decision support. After a positive response from an initial internal appraisal, one of the leading MRI suppliers in question has now signed an agreement regarding a number of evaluation licenses of SyMRI in order to further assess the software’s capabilities at selected customer sites.

”This is an important agreement for SyntheticMR. That the MRI supplier now chooses to take the next step in this process and wants to further evaluate SyMRI at customer sites is an acknowledgement of the commercial potential of the software. I look forward to continued profitable collaboration for both our companies”, says Stefan Tell, CEO of Synthetic MR.

Evaluation license agreements of this kind are often important steps on the way to subsequent commercial license agreements under which SyntheticMRs software is sold via established partners. This gives SyntheticMR royalty as well as access to a broader, global market. Today, SyntheticMR also sells SyMRI directly, but the company’s strategy is to reach an international market through these types of partnerships.

SyntheticMR has developed SyMRI, an MRI software that provides improved efficiency and better decision support through shortening the scan time per patient and at the same time producing quantitative data. The software includes tools to automatically estimate a measure for brain atrophy and, with minor manual interaction, retrieve the volume of local brain structures and lesions, thus improving diagnostic capabilities. SyMRI is, as of 2011, used in clinical practice.

”The reactions we have gotten from the clinics that already now have had the chance to use the software have been very positive and is a testament to its clinical value”, Tell concludes.

For additional information, please contact Stefan Tell, CEO Synthetic MR AB,
+46 73 373 4090, Maria Fors, CEO Accelerator Nordic AB, +46 76 119 1983.

SyntheticMR AB, a subsidiary to Accelerator Nordic AB, has developed SyMRI®, software for more effective Magnetic Resonance Imaging. SyMRI uses a rapid MRI scan that provides a measure for patient tissue properties. Using these properties conventional MRI images and tissue images can be generated. In this way examination time is reduced for the patient and the decision support is improved for the radiologist. For more information, please visit

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