Taiwan ger bidrag till kryssningsfartyg

Pressmeddelande   •   Mar 13, 2012 15:31 CET

Taiwans turistbyrå och utrikesministerium har formulerat ett stimulans och bidragsprogram för att belöna utländska kryssningsfartyg som gör ett eller flera stopp i Taiwan. För mer information om programmets villkor och ansökningsprocess, vänligen se nedan.


Main Points for the Tourism Bureau, MOTC’s Incentive and Subsidy Program to Encourage Visits to Taiwan by Overseas Cruise Ships


1. Purpose:

To actively compete for cruise ships from around the world that bring passengers from other countries as well as from mainland China (including Hong Kong and Macau) to stop in Taiwan, the Tourism Bureau (hereinafter “the Bureau”), Ministry of Transportation and Communications, has formulated an incentives and subsidies program which has these main points:

2. Target of the program:

Foreign-registered and owned cruise companies from overseas or mainland China (including Hong Kong and Macau).

3. Definition of cruise ships and cruise ship passengers:

  • Cruise ship: Overseas or mainland Chinese (including Hong Kong and Macau) ships that transport passengers from overseas to Taiwan and call at a harbor in Taiwan for tourism purposes, or other international cruise lines that are specially approved by the Bureau.
  • Cruise ship passenger: A passenger who is a citizen of a foreign country or mainland China (including Hong Kong and Macau).

4.  Conditions for qualifying for incentives and subsidies:

  • Overseas cruise ships that make one or more stopovers in Taiwan will receive one subsidy for each voyage; a voyage does not include mainland Chinese people chartering boats to come to Taiwan.
  • The standard for awarding incentives and subsidies is based on the number of passenger who enter Taiwan:

I: Only cruise ships carrying at least 250 passengers can qualify for incentives and subsidies.

II: Cruise ships carrying 250 to 500 passengers will receive a subsidy of US$10 per passenger who enters Taiwan.

III: Cruise ships carrying 501 to 1,000 passengers can receive a subsidy of US$15 per passenger.

IV: Cruise ships carrying 1,001 to 2,000 passengers can receive a subsidy of US$20 per passenger.

V: Cruise ships with more than 2,000 passengers who enter Taiwan can receive a subsidy of US$25 per passenger.

The above calculation of passengers does not include crew members, staff or passengers who are Republic of China nationals.

5. Application process and documents needed.

  • The cruise ship should follow Taiwan’s laws and regulations governing commercial ports, the shipping industry and shipping laws in applying for permission to enter and leave Taiwan’s ports.
  • Application can be made by the cruise company or a representative company. Application must be made at least three days prior to the cruise ship stopping at a port in Taiwan (See Attachment 1) and submitted to the Bureau’s overseas offices (either at the location where the cruise company is based or at another location where the cruise company has made a stopover, or at a nearby office) so that it can be forwarded to the Bureau for verification. Applications that are submitted after the approved period will not be accepted.

6. The standard for examining and approving applications:

The Bureau’s overseas office makes an initial assessment (including about the cruise ship’s nation of origin, itinerary, and passenger numbers). Once the applicant has passed the first stage of this screening process, the application will be submitted to the Bureau for further assessment.

 7. Final reporting of passenger information and application for subsidy

Incentives and subsidies recipients should submit the follow-up application (See Attachment 2) within 2 months of making the planned stopover (the period is calculated from the day after the stopover is made at a Taiwan port), and should include the receipt for the cruise company, as well as verification material given to the cruise company or representative company (including time of departure from the port, list of passengers who had entered Taiwan and information on the cruise ship’s route). The applicant should then ask the Bureau’s overseas office to submit the material to the Bureau after verification, and the Bureau will make the decision on whether to approve the application and release the funds. Applicants who exceed the time limit for applying or who do not submit all the necessary application material will be deemed as giving up their rights to applying for the subsidies. After verifying the subsidy amount correlates with the number of passengers who entered Taiwan, the subsidy will be deposited in the US dollar account provided by the cruise ship company.

8. Source of funds:

The source of funds for the subsidies and the costs of running this subsidies program come from the Bureau’s tourism development budget.

9. Directions and inspections:

The Bureau’s overseas offices are responsible for giving instructions to applicants. Should the following incidents occur, the offices should forbid the applicant from applying for subsidies for one year.

  • False reporting or inflating the number of foreign citizens (excluding crew members) who enter Taiwan will necessitate the return by the cruise company of the relevant portion of the subsidy received.
  • In case that the actual number of overseas passengers is 60 percent or less of the number that the cruise company said it would try to achieve in its initial application, 5 percent of the subsidy to be awarded will be deducted, so as to encourage cruise ships to achieve their goal for number of passengers.

10. Implementation period:

This incentive program will be carried out from Feb. 15, 2012 to Dec. 31, 2015. Cruise ships that wish to apply for the subsidy must complete their stopover in Taiwan prior to Dec. 31, 2015.

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