Taiwan's GIO inaugurates new website Taiwan in Depth

Pressmeddelande   •   Mar 09, 2012 11:26 CET

The Government Information Office’s new website Taiwan in Depth, now available at http://taiwanindepth.tw, provides comprehensive reporting and timely analysis in English to help international readers gain a broader and deeper understanding of the contemporary ROC.

According to GIO Minister Philip Yang, Taiwan in Depth complements the current online daily news site Taiwan Today—a convenient news bulletin attracting an average of 730,000 visits per month—with more detailed reports, commentary and academic research.

Taiwan in Depth’s section “Hot Topics” brings together a range of articles focusing on single current issues, while under “Essential Reads” one will find pieces by the President, government officials and scholars on important recent matters of public concern.

For background and the big picture, the site also features articles on 10 major topics allowing readers insights into Taiwan’s politics, economy, society, arts and culture, science and technology, history, environmental protection, cross-strait relations and international outreach, as well as statistics on various aspects of the nation’s development. They include incisive reporting from a variety of sources and select stories from the GIO publications Taiwan Review and Taiwan Panorama, plus links to government, media and academic websites.

Taiwan in Depth is also available by entering Taiwan Today at http://www.taiwantoday.tw.

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