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Tapper-Popermajer feat. De La Kings & Justin Fry

Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 08, 2010 22:14 CEST

On Saturday afternoon, Sept 18, LA-based artist Justin Neil Fry AND the celebrated Swedish champions in break dance, De La Kings, will perform together at Galleri Tapper-Popermajer.

From 1 pm (and until approx 4 pm) De La Kings will present two hot Jam Sessions and a free Workshop where the audience can learn some basic moves...

Already on Wednesday Sept 15, three days earlier, Justin Fry will start working on a 10.8 m2 outdoor painting. The creation of this large painting will become a hub in a vibrant multi-cultural meeting place where workshops will be arranged on several topics related to Graffiti and Break dance. The event culminates on the 18th.

The exhibition and the performances will be officially inaugurated by Karl-Erik Kruse, Head of the municipality of Svalöv.

Free of charge and open to everyone!
Please, forward to all your friends!

For program details see

Partners include:
- Attendo Individ och Familj
- Skola och kultur i Svalövs kommun
- Färgcity Nordsjö Idé & Design
- Hejdes Woody Bygghandel

[Justin Neil Fry, Los Angeles, CA USA, Exhibition, Oil paintings, Grand Opening Sept 18, Artist in attendance]


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