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Pressmeddelande   •   Jul 26, 2004 14:39 CEST

Data Management Capability for Lockheed
Martin Soothsayer Program
- Installation of DOORS®, SYNERGY™ and TAU® Generation2
Software Track Changes from Requirements through Design and
Testing for Next Generation Electronic Warfare System -
OXFORD, UK and IRVINE, CA – July 26, 2004 – Telelogic (Stockholm Exchange:
TLOG), the leading global provider of solutions for advanced systems and software
development, has been selected by Lockheed Martin [NYSE: LMT] to provide an
integrated suite of automated lifecycle development products for Project Soothsayer, the
United Kingdom’s land forces next generation electronic warfare (EW) programme.
Telelogic DOORS®, TAU® Generation2, SYNERGY/CM™ and SYNERGY/Change™
will be used at multiple sites in the United Kingdom and the United States to manage data
and facilitate communications between software development teams. The software will
unify and enhance process and collaboration across a classified network, establishing a
core data management infrastructure for the next 10 years. The system will link all
aspects of Project Soothsayer – from requirements through design to implementation and
testing – and will increase efficiencies and enhance communications in support of a
distributed development environment.
When completely deployed, Telelogic’s integrated visual toolset will support all aspects
of the development lifecycle for the demonstration and manufacturing phase of the £137
million project. Development teams on both sides of the Atlantic will be able to share
data, use common repositories and minimize travel. It will also help facilitate an
expansion from the United States to the United Kingdom in personnel and resources as
the project evolves over the years.
Commissioned by the Ministry of Defence (MoD), Project Soothsayer will provide
integrated Electronic Support Measures (ESM) and Electronic Countermeasures (ECM)
capability for the British Army and Royal Marines. The system will intercept and
monitor many types of enemy communications or signals in real time – including radar,
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multifrequency emissions and other electronic data. The system will deliver better
intelligence over a wider spectrum and with greater accuracy than previous ly available.
Telelogic DOORS provided Lockheed Martin strong support for requirements
management during the competitive assessment phase of the project and the MoD was
already using the software. The change and configuration management process of
SYNERGY and proven simulation, validation and code generation capabilities found in
TAU Generation2 fit into the anticipated needs of Soothsayer perfectly.
“DOORS helped us track customer and system requirements,” said Tom Collart,
Soothsayer managing director for Lockheed Martin. “Integrating it with SYNERGY and
TAU Generation2 allows us to track and cross reference changes, thus enhancing
communications with our customer and teams in the United Kingdom. We operate more
efficiently because we’re able to excha nge data, track changes, and trade attributes
between teams seamlessly, rather than through laborious hardcopy reports.”
“We are proud Telelogic lifecycle development products are important investments in
innovation that will play a key role in the success of the Soothsayer Project, as well as
reinforce the strong and long-term relationship our company has enjoyed with Lockheed
Martin,” said Michael Atlevi, president of Telelogic Europe. “DOORS, SYNERGY and
TAU Generation2 will shape the future of development for this project and many other
mission-critical projects of our customers for years to come.”
This transaction builds upon an established global master agreement Telelogic has with
Lockheed Martin, previously announced in 2003. Revenues for this sale were booked in
About Telelogic DOORS
As the world's leading requirements management tool, Telelogic DOORS 7.0 captures,
links, traces, analyzes, and manages information to ensure a project’s compliance with
specified requirements and standards. DOORS 7.0 revolutionizes systems and software
projects with Dynamic Requirements Management, the practice of effectively managing
an evolving set of requirements within a complex incremental development project.
DOORS 7.0 features Intelligent Traceability to ensure that all teams are using the right
requirements for the increment or version they are working on; Proactive Suspect Links to
ensure that each team member knows about changes made by another, automatically; and
Enterprise Change Proposal System to enable users to submit, review and approve
changes within the document for easier collaboration between team members.
About Telelogic TAU/Architect
TAU/Architect is designed for system engineers who want to model large and complex
systems using an industry accepted visual language (UML™).
About Telelogic TAU/Developer
Telelogic TAU/Developer is a UML-based, model-driven tool for the design, analysis and
development of advanced real-time applications.
About Telelogic SYNERGY
Telelogic SYNERGY is an integrated tool family for change and configuration
management, which provides lifecycle control for a company's software development